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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

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Shocking isn’t it! i thought the tutorial thumbnail would grab your attention.Who in their right mind would allow a child to smoke would your parents encourage you to smoke.Or would you encourage your children to smoke i don’t think so.The question is do you need help to quit smoking i have good news for you you’ve come to the right place! whether you’ve tried to stop smoking and failed, never attempted to give up or even if you have no intention to give up smoking at this moment.

I have a method that is 99 guaranteed to work for you! the following tutorial contains information that could hold the key to you successfully stopping smoking.I will reveal to you how i stopped smoking easy and painlessly without suffering any withdrawal symptoms.I want to applaud you for taking the time to watch this tutorial and for taking this positive step forward.I’m confident that by following my advice and guidelines you will be mentally prepared to tackle and break your smoking habit for good.Famous motivational speaker and author zig ziglar a once quoted.

people don’t tend to wander around and then suddenly find themselves at the top of mount everest.Similarly, smokers who don’t adopt a strategy to stop smoking are unlikely to ever quit smoking.By taking this seemingly small step and deciding to follow this tutorial through, you’re taking a giant step towards achieving your goal.The following might sound like a bold statement to make, but, even if you’re not planning to stop smoking now, by following my advice you have a 99 chance of permanently stopping smoking so take action now!! who am i, you ask, to have such an authority.

In this subject let me just give you some facts about me.I was a smoker myself and smoked heavily for 30 years.Before i quit smoking i was chain smoking between 60 and 100 cigarettes per day.I attempted to stop smoking a number of times using different methods and failed.I tried everything nicotine gum, nicotine patches, ecigarettes and even hypnotherapy.All of which failed to stop me from smoking.I wasn’t able to climb a flight of steps without getting out of breath.I would suffer from sharp pains in my chest.

And a constant pressure in my head.I have to point out that i gave up smoking at a very dramatic time in my life my wife walked out of me leaving me with our 2 children.I was out of work and on the brink of bankruptcy, i was under tremendous stress and close to having a nervous breakdown.But yet i still managed to give up smoking without suffering any withdrawal symptoms and realized that smoking wasn’t helping me at all.Quite the opposite, it was a major cause for increasing my stress and anxiety levels.

In fact, stopping smoking was life changing for me.Not only because of the health, social and financial benefits, which are of course very important.For me, the biggest challenge was to take control of my life and the fact that i decided to quit, took action and achieved my goal was as important as all the other advantages.What made me more determined and feeling positive that i would finally quit smoking, was the thought that if i could make this decision and follow it through, i would also be capable.

Of achieving other major goals in my life.The result of achieving my goal became the foundation of a new positive and decisive me and to this day is helping me to achieve other major goals in my life.My success story proves that it’s never the right time to stop smoking.It doesn’t matter how stressed you are or what challenges you’re facing at the moment you can still give up smoking.This tutorial provides the guidance to help you stop smoking, so take the initiative and make that decision now! stopping smoking.

Has helped me change my life for the better.I see a bright, happy future ahead of me.As an exsmoker i understand your predicament and would like to help you change your life.You’re probably wondering how did you do it then how did you permanently stop smoking the simple answer is i read and carried out the teachings and philosophies of 2 life changing books.Allen carr’s easy way to stop smoking Shad helmstetter what to say when you talk to yourself at this point you might be a bit skeptical and not believe it is possible to stop smoking.

Just by reading two books.Everyone makes their own choices.You can either be skeptical, stop watching this tutorial and continue to be a smoker or you can follow my advice and give yourself a 99 chance of quitting smoking.The powerful combination of these two influential books helped me to stop smoking permanently.I won’t delve too much into the contents of these books as i am not as qualified to explain their teachings as well as these two great authors.Nevertheless, i will give you a brief outline and explain to you how these books.

Helped me.I read allen carr’s easy way to stop smoking.What’s unique about the book is that there are no scare tactics such as statistics on lung cancer, heart attacks or strokes.The book does not focus on the negative aspects of smoking.In the book carr writes, the health scares would make it harder to stop.For me this alone made the book much easier to read.All smokers are aware of the health risks that come with smoking.After all, they’re written all over cigarette packaging, and smokers.

Don’t need to be reminded again and again.Instead carr explores the reasons why people smoke cigarettes in the first place and proves to the reader that smoking does absolutely nothing for them apart from make them suffer, spend a small fortune and be an outcast in modern society.It might sound a bit bizarre, but his unique method also encourages the reader to continue smoking whilst reading the book.Once i read the whole book i was ready to make my decision.That evening i put out my last cigarette and haven’t touched.

One since.In my experience from my previous failed attempts to stop smoking, i discovered that i had been most vulnerable and started smoking again within the first 3 weeks after quitting smoking.I had already read the book what to say when you talk to yourself by Shad helmstetter.This book deals with the issue of negative self talk.You feel vulnerable when stopping smoking and it’s easy to talk yourself into smoking again.This is where this book proved invaluable because it teaches you the right way to talk to yourself.The author believes that just like a computer we can reprogram.

Our brain with selftalk by using the law of repetition.The book contains a number of positive selftalk affirmations, one of which is specifically for stopping smoking.I listened to an audio version of these affirmations on a daily basis for about three weeks after i had quit smoking and this definitely reaffirmed and instilled my commitment to stop smoking.Also it made me feel good about stopping smoking.That was two and a half years ago and to this day i’m nicotine free and an exsmoker.In a following tutorial i have compiled the nosmoking affirmations into an audio format recommended.

How to quit smoking Sri Sri

Sri sri just returned from a weeklong trip to the northeast of india.Someone from the audience asks a question when you have come here, this place has a greater influence than anything.The influence of satsang is greater.Isn’t it this has been known for long.If anybody comes here once, the influence of this place starts working.Q how do i drop the desire of alcohol and cigarette ok.You feel like smoking and having alcohol.There are three things by which you can get over such a desire.

First is, develop interest in your spiritual practice.Do meditation, pranayam daily.Then, these habits get dropped.Second, think that intake of alcohol or cigarette smoking will diminish your good luck.Luck will reduce.You need luck in life, don’t you you’ll run out of good luck.Take it like that.Third, doing it may cause something unfortunate to happen in life.Suppose someone says if you do not have alcohol for a month, you will get a million dollars.What will you do will you still do it you will get ten million, but only if you don’t even touch alcohol for a month.

How To Quit Smoking Weed Quitting Marijuana Quitting Weed

How to quit smoking weed quitting marijuana quitting weed thespottydoggreviewquitsmokingweed in recent times, science is proving that a regular marijuana smoker will experience many physical symptoms when they quit.Thing is, most smokers believe weed has no physical effects at all.This is another reason why so many have trouble quitting contrary to the common belief, this means marijuana actually can create strong physical withdrawals within your body, that smoking weed actually relieves creating a vicious cycle.You might notice when you quit weed that you experience physical symptoms.

What is Vaping Easiest Way to Quit Smoking w Electronic Cigarettes

What is vaping easiest way to quit smoking hey do you smoke cigarettes guess what it’s time to quit right now i’m gonna show you how to do it its easy no more patch no more gone no more pills no more hocuspocus smokers it’s time to quit smoking right now and i’m gonna show you how to do it it’s simple it’s called vaping in my opinion vaping is a much safer alternative to traditional tobacco smoking with your smoking a pipe cigarettes cigars whatever you’re close take your breath stinks.

Your car stinks your house thinks everything stinks right you’re killing yourself quit smokin right now with vaping on my channel there’s tutorials all over the place to educate you about taping it’s incredible there’s all sorts of flavors i was babe in the other day i was at the mall on paper on this bad boy and a girl behind us what we i’m issues excuse me what is a pure maple it smells great i was smoking i was vaping on a yacht like a cherry tobacco she loved it we start talkin got a date at the of it’s unbelievable.

Vaping you’ll meet people you’ll feel better your breathe better you’ll sleep better you wake up in the morning more refreshed you’ll have more energy what is vaping easiest way to quit smoking sex is better everything’s better vaping this is hey quit smoking right now go to your local babe store you don’t know where one is google it google babe store your city it’s that simple support your local babe struggle no such up the great setup you’ll love it otherwise if you want at the bottom of my tutorials.

I have links to great deals on baby tutorial that i dead just before this one if you’re on my channel check it out i’ll show you how to start baby its easy it’s much better than smoking cigarettes you live longer it’s phenomenal quit smoking start vaping today it’s phenomenal check it out lemme i’m getting great flavor here i’m getting a road head it delivers the nicotine i go through 0 withdrawals you’re gonna love it quit smokin start taping today its the what is vaping easiest way to quit smoking.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Quit Smoking Weed Start Vaping It

Whats up vape tempers, today we are going to give you our top 5 reasons on why you should stop smoking weed, and start vaping it number 5 more efficient.Combustion of marijuana only releases 25 of active ingredients like thc.Depending on the vaporizer and temperatures, vaporization can release 50 of the active ingredients allowing you to effectively use the same amount of marijuana for 2x longer than combustion.Saving you some hard earned green! number four smell.Though vaporization isn’t completely odorless, it smells far less than.

Combustion.It also passes faster and doesn’t soak into clothing and furniture as it does with combustion.At number three less carcinogens.Vaporization produces 95 less carcinogens than combustion which makes for a smoother and better tasting experience.These carcinogens are toxic chemicals and are the leading causes of many lung diseases and cancer.At number 2 we have buzzcrafting that’s right.Buzz crafting.Or the art of crafting you buzz with a vaporizer that has precise controls.Since different active ingredients are release at different temperature ranges, you can craft the high you are looking for.

Can The Harmful Damage From Smoking Be Reversed

Hey guys, tara here for dnews and if you’re a smoker who’s been trying to quit, then boy do we have good news for you! i mean, relatively.Anyone who’s participated in dare, or read a scientific article, or been alive on planet earth for more than a second, knows that cigarettes are bad for you.On average, smokers die 14 years before nonsmokers, and half of the smokers who don’t quit, are eventually killed by their habit.So clearly, they’re terrible.But, you may be wondering, what happens after i do quit.

Can the effects of smoking be reversed, and how long would it take for that to happen before we answer that, let’s examine the 2 major ways that cigarettes affect your lungs.The first thing they do, is destroy cilia, which are tiny little hairs that live in the mucus lining of your lungs.When you inhale pathogens or dirt, they get trapped in that mucus, and the cilia is what pushes them back out.When you smoke cigarettes, the poisons in them paralyze and destroy those cilia, making it harder for you to avoid infections.

But, within just a few days of quitting cigarettes, those cilia will start to regenerate.And they’ll continue to get better until eventually, your lungs return to their original functioning capacity.So that part you absolutely can reverse.Studies have shown that people who quit smoking and stay that way reduce their risk of lung cancer to that of a person who has never smoked, within 1015 years.However there is caveat.Cigarettes can permanently damage your lungs’ alveoli, which are the tiny little air sacs that absorb oxygen into your bloodstream, and release carbon.

Dioxide.People who have been smoking heavily, or for a very long time, are at much greater risk for developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.That includes chronic bronchitis, which is a potentially reversible inflammation of the airways, and emphysema which destroys your alveoli, making it difficult for your lungs to absorb the oxygen they need.Unlike cilia, alveoli cannot regrow themselves, so emphysema is a permanent and devastating disease.Even so, the effects of quitting smoking begin the day you stop.Within a month, you’ll feel like you can breath significantly better than before and within a year, your risk of having.

A heart attack is reduced by 50.According to the american cancer society, smokers who quit before age 35 prevent 90 of the risk of health problems from smoking.And a smoker who quits before age 50 halves their risk of dying within the next 15 years.Norman edelman is the chief medical officer of the american lung association, and he says that a smoker’s risk for developing smokingrelated diseases, is directly correlated to the total number of cigarettes they’ve smoked in their lifetime.The metric they use, is called pack years and it’s the average number of packs.

A person smokes, per day multiplied by the number of years they’ve been smoking.The greater your packyears, the greater your risk.And according to edelman, people who have 50 packyears or more under their belt, even if they quit will never completely reduce their risk of lung cancer back to that of a nonsmoker.Of course, genetics also play a huge role in how cigarettes affect you.Up until a few months ago, my dad smoked 2 packs a day for 55 years and never once experienced any.

Why it is so difficult to quit smoking

You probably have never thought about what i’m going to pass over now.But why it can be so difficult to give up.It’s not to do with the nicotine.Yes, we can get hooked on the nicotine and like any drug we can actually get hooked to that feeling.But that’s not why it’s so difficult to give up.It’s to do with the association of why we smoke now, lots of people would say to you.It’s because you’re stressed and therefore it makes you relaxed.You might have the association that you get a break at work, and you can go out and.

Have a cigarette to calm you down.But actually it’s to do on a much, much deeper level and until you understand why you are doing it on that deeper level, even though you may never have thought about it and it is an unconscious choice, you will find it incredibly hard to give up.Even if you use all the patches, even if you use all the substitutes.Because you’re not satisfying the key need and that’s often what happens with addictive behaviour.Until we satisfy the key need and start satisfying it in a healthy way, we can’t give up of it.

On an unhealthy ways.We have to give ourselves more of the healthy stuff to satisfy the need before we remove the unhealthy habit.Smoking is to do with this part of your mouth, and this is an oral fixation.And there is only one time in our life when we spend lots of stuff with things in our mouth and it comes down to being very, very little.When we are born we come into the world.We are terrified because we are separated from our mothers.We are separated, we are removed from the.

Womb, we are separated out of the body and then we are separated by the umbilical cord.We are now completely separated.It is in our biology to reconnect.Psychologically we reconnect with our mother into what’s called a symbiotic relationship.A ‘two become one’, for a very short period of time.But also on a biologically we connect physically by breastfeeding.And it’s that breastfeeding that stimulates, as well as receiving what you need nutrientswise and foodwise, it’s about the comfort we get from actually attaching with our mouth.Our mouth has so many nerve endings.

And like our genitals, in exactly the same way it is a pleasure spot.And it feels really good.It feels comforting and we then associate that if we need to reconnect we need to reconnect and have some sort of comfort.Which is why when young children when they are feeling anxious will start to do this.Pops lips they will suck their thumb to stimulate the feeling of comfort or they will have a comfort toy which they will suck.You know, a rag or a teddy or something.And they will suck.

Physically putting it in their mouths to feel like they have reconnected and they are receiving the comfort that they need.Now, you will always notice people who smoke are people who suffer from being anxious.They don’t feel secure in themselves so they are looking for alternative attachments.Things that will make them feel comfortable.When we love ourselves, when we feel secure in who we are, and we feel secure in the world we don’t have a need for addictive behaviour.So, a little insight for you.If you are smoking and you want to give up smoking, it is unhealthy.

There is no other fact in the fact that it will kill you.It harms you, it’s a poison, it’s toxic.But all of that won’t matter a jot to you if you are not receiving the comfort that you get from smoking.You calm down because your nerve endings in your mouth are getting the association that you had as a little baby with the need to attach.Even if you were never breastfed it is already in your biology and we have to learn to be able to satisfy that need.

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