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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Quit Smoking Zoning Out

i have applied to 26 jobs this week. Okay, where? Where did you apply? Um, Craigslist, my No, Ethan, pesticides you can’t eat those before you wash them, no. Applying for jobs online is like.

Throwing your resume in a trashcan. Ethan are you listening to me? You gotta see if you have second degree connections on LinkedIn, and then if you do, then you connect with them and get first degree connections. Yeah? Shh.

oh, yeah. Oh you know what? Actually, I have a friend who works at Spotify, I’m gonna connect you guys. No thanks. It’s just, I don’t like networking, it makes me feel so gross and like, manipulative.

what are you doing? what are you. No, oh, no, no (laughing). No. I liked her. You’re just smart and talented and I feel like I want you to be happy and successful. No, you’re gonna get some kind of weird stomach virus.

That’s what was going on in chipotle I’m gonna feed one to you, I don’t wanna have a virus on my own. I don’t wanna be the only one. Did you wash this? No (laughing). MaryAnn Pesticides.

ethan it’s all right. MaryAnn If I get diarrhea. (playful electronic tones) Yeah, it’s hard to find someone you actually click with. But don’t worry about it, you know it’s just a numbers game. I went on two dates in the last six months and like.

That was emotionally draining for me. (laughing) Well, it’s better than last year. Yeah, maybe I’ll go on three this year. Ooh, you bad, bad, (laughing) I was gonna say bad girl, you bad.

(laughing) you bad woman. Hey, Ethan should be here any minute, I don’t know where he is. Oh, no worries. You know, I might not be able to do anything for him, I’ll try but I can’t guarantee it.

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