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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Quit Smoking Yellow Urine

today we make fire. let’s talk about that. (theme music) Good Mythical Morning! All right, Mythical Beasts, we need you to keep tweetvoting so that we can win show of the year at the Streamys! We can do this! Yeah! All you gotta do is to tweet I’m voting for GoodMythicalMorning for show of the.

year at the streamys. yes. A hundred times. You can do it a (both) hundred times a day! Okay, thanks for that. Now, one of the things that has separated us from the rest of the animal kingdom, as humans, is our ability Bipedalism! to HARNESS FIRE! Like ostriches. No, harness fire. You ever seen a parakeet start a fire?.

I don’t think so. i’ve never seen one start a fire. you ever seen a worm start a fire? No! You have not. No. ‘Cause they can’t do it. No. They’re lame. Worms are lame. But we can start fires. And humans have devised all kinds of interesting ways to start a fire and all kinds of interesting technologies. We’ve got lighters, torches, and all kinds of stuff like that. But what if you’re out.

in the wilderness. without any of those technologies? Yeah, and you’re just like an animal? Just out there in the wilderness. How do you start a fire? Well, you gotta get weird with it. (dreamy music) (Link) Let’s get weird with it! (Rhett, gruffly) Making fire. (Link) All right. All right, this is the remote campsite.

That we have set up in the parking lot. we each have our own tent. Mine’s bigger than yours. Unfortunately, we have not brought fire starter stuff, like a lighter. Like a lighter. What do you have in your pack? Oh, my camping pack! Maybe you got something! (dreamy music) .

I’ve got a piece of gum. i’ve got scissors. (Link) Okay. (Rhett) And I have a doubleA battery. A doubleA battery. Okay, so. (Rhett) I’ve been Can I chew the gum? Nope, I have to use the gum. I have to use all parts of this. Oh! You’re like a true survivalist. The first thing I’m gonna do is I’m going to cut this into an hourglass shape.

And i’m making the kindling here that hopefully will just go up in huge flame in a second. I think a fire might just start on my jeans out here just from being in the sun. It’s basically a hundred degrees out here, almost. So basically I’ve created just a thin part in this gum wrapper. Now I need the gum. All right. I need the gum to be in two different.

Pieces. you’re gonna take this and put it on the nonshiny side. And this is gonna serve as, like, a heat buffer. Heat shield. The next thing I’m going to do is I’m gonna take our battery. You’re gonna connect both ends of this to a battery in order to complete the circuit? Mmhm. (Link) But do it down here next to the. Yeah, I will. I’m just getting this into.

Gag Concert 20151017

(atomic pride) Hello, viewers. I’m Kim Kiyul of Atomic Pride. I got a wish while doing this skit. It’s to be funny just once. I’m funny all the time and my shoulders are always.

Up so i don’t know how precious one laugh is. This kind of pointless men’s pride shows up differently before and after marriage. We’ll show you when a man is dating. Somi, Somi. Hey, honey.

Why’d you come to my office? I came to support you since you’re working overtime. That must be tiring. / I’m not tired. You’re my vitamin. Next is a married man.

Where is he? What’s going on? / Hey, honey. Why are you at my office? To support you since you’re working overtime. How tiring. You shouldn’t have. I’m not tired.

You’re tiring me out! I’m busy as it is! Go now since I saw you! What’s your problem? I told the people at work that you’re pretty. What if they think I’m a liar?.

Geez! Honey, I know you didn’t have dinner. Eat this. I can just eat at the cafeteria. Eat it! Then I’ll enjoy it and go home early. / Oh, yeah!.

Honey, i know you didn’t have dinner. Eat this. I’ll just eat at the cafeteria. Eat it. You eat it. I’ll eat at the cafeteria. I waited in line to buy this for you.

You bought it? you should’ve said so sooner! I thought you cooked something! Thanks. / Geez! You look good. Deputy Jeong. Going home? / Yes.

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