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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Quit Smoking Uk

00:02 this auditorium is empty now, 00:03 soon is gonna be filled with people who need to, 00:07 and want to stop smoking. If you’re a smoker, 00:09 I’m absolutely certain that you’ve given some 00:11 thought to stop it. Now, is an excellent 00:14 opportunity for you to do so? 00:16 I’m Arthur Weaver, a cancer surgeon 00:18 and I’ve had considerable success in helping.

00:21 people to stop smoking. if you’ll join the group 00:23 right here in this auditorium, 00:25 you also will be able to quit. 00:27 We’re going to give you the principles, 00:29 we’re gonna tell you how, we’re going to see 00:31 you through the withdrawal process. 00:32 I have no question join us, you’ll make it. 01:07 Well, you’re here right. This is the night.

01:14 you waited for this for a longtime. 01:18 all these years and now you’re gonna get that 01:21 monkey off your back. We’re gonna start 01:25 smelling nice, you will smell better 01:27 tomorrow night, than you do tonight 01:29 I can guarantee you that. But if we’re going 01:34 to quit smoking, I give you my money back 01:38 guarantee okay we will get that right off it,.

01:41 if you come regularly every night. 01:46 and if you follow the program as we’ve got it 01:49 outlined, you’ll quit smoking. 01:54 There is only one person that can keep you 01:56 from succeeding you know who that is, 02:00 that’s yourself. Now, we’ve learned that 02:05 there are number of principles that will lead 02:08 to success and there are number of things.

02:11 that will lead to failure. and one of the 02:13 greatest things that will lead to failure is fear. 02:19 What do you think are some of the fears 02:22 that will keep people from stopping smoking? 02:25 Well I fear weight gain sure, 02:27 that’s one of the things that lot of people 02:29 are worried about particularly women, 02:31 they wanna keep that’s well figure.

02:33 and they say well if i’m gonna gain a 100 pounds 02:36 of weight; I might well die of smoking as die 02:’ of obesity, right. Have you ever heard people 02:42 talk about that? Well, we’re gonna spend 02:45 the whole evening basically I’m telling you 02:47 how to stop smoking without looking 02:49 like a beach ball with arms. 02:53 How to stop smoking without turning.

02:55 into a blimp you know what i’m saying. 02:58 and we’ve got the principles 02:59 and if you listen to them well but no one 03:02 will ever gain enough weight, 03:05 so that they will be is at much risk 03:11 after they stop smoking and gain the weight 03:14 as they would be with continuing smoke. 03:20 We carry about the same risk as the person 03:22 who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day.

03:25 you have to gain 80 pounds once you quit 03:27 smoking and no one is going to gain 80 pounds. 03:33 And if you think that you have a tremendous 03:35 weight problem, I’d like you to talk with me 03:37 and I’ll give you some personal suggestions 03:40 and some personal people I know they can help you 03:41 with the weight problem. Right now, 03:44 if you’re a smoker your greatest single.

How to save money by quitting smoking

Times are tough, so’s stopping smoking but just think what you could do with the extra cash if you quit today go to the game catch more movies a day out with the grandkids a gym membership.

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