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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Quit Smoking Tips Pregnant

My name is amanda, and I smoked while I was pregnant. My baby was born two months early and weighed only 3 pounds. This is the view I had of her in the NICU.

10 myths about quitting smoking in pregnancy

Title: 10 myths about quitting smoking Woman in kitchen: If I quit smoking I will be even more stressed out and that’ll be even worse for the baby. Title and Voice over woman: This isn’t true! This isn’t true! Smoking is far more damaging to your baby’s health than any stress that comes from quitting. Also it’s the Cravings between cigarettes that make you feel.

Stressed once you quit you won’t have any more Cravings and you will feel a lot less stressed Babies ok down there, it’s in a protective bubble, smoke can’t get in. It’s actually like putting Your baby in a smoke filled room for 15 minutes Your baby Shares your bloodstream.

So over 4,000 chemicals are pumped into your baby’s bloodstream every time you have a cigarette and and their heart struggles to get oxygen Woman on sofa: The baby will be smaller if I smoke which will make birth easier. Title and Voice over woman: A smaller weaker baby will not make birth easier In fact having a smaller premature baby.

Can lead to serious complications and you may have to stay in longer if your baby is poorly If I quit I will get fat, nobody wants that. The best way to avoid weight gain is to Eat healthy snacks also you could go out for a walk instead of a smoke which will make both you and your baby feel healthier and happier.

Breastfeeding when your baby is born will also help you shed the pounds quicker! Woman in cafe: My mum smoked with me, and I’m aright so I don’t really see the problem. Title and Voice over woman: Smoking affects babies in different ways. Voice over woman: Maybe you were One of the lucky ones Smoking when pregnant really is dangerous and is thought to be the cause of.

40% of baby deaths Woman in kitchen: I’m 6 months pregnant it’s too late to quit. Voice over woman: It’s never too late to quit! The sooner you Stop smoking the better. Even stopping in the last few weeks will benefit you and your baby.

Woman in park: i’ll just cut down instead of quitting. Title and Voice over woman: Cutting down is a good first step to giving up but it won’t protect your baby From the harmful effects of cigarettes until you quit Woman on sofa: I smoke shisha, it’s better than cigarettes Title and Voice over woman: Shisha smoking can contain the.

Same nicotine as 10 cigarettes it’s just as harmful To your baby As smoking cigarettes Even Paan Leaf contains elements that can cause Cancer Woman in street: Smoking is me time, I can’t give that up Title and Voice over woman: Quitting is difficult we know. So why not.

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