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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

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(Brian)A couple weeks after theytook the transplant, they took the, the pager awayI wound up at hospice because the said,well, there’s, you know, you’re going to smoke,and there’s really nothing else we can do for you. You just need to go tohospice and live out the rest of your days thereuntil you die, and that was it. My wife, is, she’s the rock.

She pulled me out ofthe hospice situation. She gave me the strength thatI needed to keep living. throat clearing Probably abouta year after I got out of hospice that we realized maybeI’m not going to die right away. And that if I’m going to live, I better get rid ofthese cigarettes, and give myself a chanceto live. The problems still continuedto get worse.

I stopped smoking andthat was all, that was great, and my lungssaid thank you. But, as the months andyears go by I was getting sicker and weaker. So, I called my cardiologistand I said, quot;I oughta probably be on a hearttransplant listquot; and I asked him whathe thought and he said, quot;Yeah, let’s go ahead andgive it another tryquot;.

And, uh,we started the process again. But, it took a while. We didn’t know ifI was going to survive long enough to getthe heart transplant. And I finally got the call. They said, quot;Brian, we’ve gotgood news for you. We think we have anew heart for you. Can you be hereat two o’clock?quot;

And, it’s, it’s shocking;it’s an amazing feeling. By the time I got tothe , some other of our friendsand family had shown up. And then the comes in, and says, quot;Okay, the heart ishere, it’s time to go.quot; And that’s when you realizeit gets real, real fast then. The kids came and gave me a hug,almost like a goodbye hug. Friends did the same thing.

My wife, Denise,gave me a hug goodbye. Then they, then they,wheeled me off. It was quite an experience,quite an experience. If I can survive all the thingsI’ve been through, hospice, surgeries,everything. and I come out the other sidealive, there’s hope for you. Get rid of those cigarettes. You got to be committedto decide to stop.

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The thought of my sonsgrowing up without me inspired me to quit smoking. I talked to my s,and then I threw away all my cigarettes,ashtrays and lighters. I started exercisinginstead of smoking. Letting my friends online knowI was quitting kept me on track. Staying away from alcohol whenI was first quitting was key. I kept on trying.Learned something each time.

Do whatever it takes. No matter how many timesit takes. We did it.You can too.

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