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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Quit Smoking Support

00:02 This auditorium is empty now,00:03 soon is gonna be filled with people who need to,00:07 and want to stop smoking. If you’re a smoker,00:09 I’m absolutely certain that you’ve given some00:11 thought to stop it. Now, is an excellent 00:14 opportunity for you to do so?00:16 I’m Arthur Weaver, a cancer surgeon 00:18 and I’ve had considerable success inhelping 00:21 people to stop smoking. If you’ll jointhe group 00:23 right here in this auditorium,00:25 you also will be able to quit.

00:27 We’re going to give you the principles,00:29 we’re gonna tell you how, we’re going to see00:31 you through the withdrawal process. 00:32 I have no question join us, you’ll makeit. 01:07 Well, you’re here right. This is thenight. 01:14 You waited for this for a longtime.01:18 All these years and now you’re gonna get that01:21 monkey off your back. We’re gonna start 01:25 smelling nice, you will smell better01:27 tomorrow night, than you do tonight 01:29 I can guarantee you that. But if we’regoing 01:34 to quit smoking, I give you my moneyback 01:38 guarantee okay we will get that rightoff it, 01:41 if you come regularly every night.01:46 And if you follow the program as we’ve got it01:49 outlined, you’ll quit smoking.

01:54 There is only one person that can keepyou 01:56 from succeeding you know who that is,02:00 that’s yourself. Now, we’ve learned that02:05 there are number of principles that will lead02:08 to success and there are number of things 02:11 that will lead to failure. And one ofthe 02:13 greatest things that will lead to failureis fear. 02:19 What do you think are some of the fears02:22 that will keep people from stopping smoking?02:25 Well I fear weight gain sure, 02:27 that’s one of the things that lot ofpeople 02:29 are worried about particularly women,02:31 they wanna keep that’s well figure.

02:33 And they say well if I’m gonna gaina 100 pounds 02:36 of weight; I might well die of smokingas die 02:’ of obesity, right. Have you ever heardpeople 02:42 talk about that? Well, we’re gonna spend02:45 the whole evening basically I’m telling you02:47 how to stop smoking without looking 02:49 like a beach ball with arms.02:53 How to stop smoking without turning 02:55 into a blimp you know what I’m saying.02:58 And we’ve got the principles 02:59 and if you listen to them well but noone 03:02 will ever gain enough weight,03:05 so that they will be is at much risk 03:11 after they stop smoking and gain theweight 03:14 as they would be with continuing smoke.03:20 We carry about the same risk as the person03:22 who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day.

03:25 You have to gain 80 pounds once youquit 03:27 smoking and no one is going to gain80 pounds. 03:33 And if you think that you have a tremendous03:35 weight problem, I’d like you to talk with me03:37 and I’ll give you some personal suggestions 03:40 and some personal people I know theycan help you 03:41 with the weight problem. Right now,03:44 if you’re a smoker your greatest single.

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