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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Quit Smoking Regrow Hair

Thank you for your question. youre 26 years old and you state in your question that you underwent hair transplant with 26 hundred graphs approximately one month prior. You started smoking a month after transplant 34 cigarettes and you state you are unable to quit. You want to know will your smoking have any effect on the graphs. Well, I can certainly share with you my perspective. Im a board certified cosmetic surgeon and fellowship trained oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Ive been performing.

Hair transplant in manhattan and long island for over 20 years in practice. im also the founder of Trichostem Hair Regeneration centers, a nonsurgical treatment that we developed as an alternative with people who have thinning hair both men and women to hair transplant so we have a nonsurgical solution as well as this surgical treatment that we provide in our practice. So Im going to share with you my perspective about how I manage people who come for hair.

Transplant surgery. so lets talk at first if you are in a situation where at only 26 years old, you lost a lot of hair and you needed hair transplant. Well clearly you have a relatively early onset. You have relatively aggressive progression. So in your situation, you chose to undergo hair transplant surgery. Now in the absence of being aware of you using anything like finasteride or minoxidil or availing yourself to plateletrich plasma (PRP) or treatment like Hair Regeneration which I will describe in more details momentarily.

You have to understand what are the unfortunate realities and limits of hair transplant surgery. Number one, you have limited donor area which is truly your lifetime donor area. This is an area that in the baldest man youve ever seen is that narrow band of hair that doesnt go away that is called genetically resisted hair follicles. These are the follicles that move from the back of the scalp typically to the front of the scalp to help frame the face.

So you got 26,000 grafts so thats 26,000 hairs that are anywhere from 1 to 4 hair follicular unit that well move towards the desired area. Now the challenge with hair transplant is that although you may move 26,000 grafts, do 26,000 graphs usually completely survive 100%? The answer is no. There is anywhere from 10% loss or in cases of FUEs or Follicular Unit Extraction, automatically there is 30% because there is transection, different topic, as well as a variability in the survivability of grafts. Weve had patients who come to.

Us for assistance who had mega sessions who lost 90% of their grafts. Hair Regeneration was actually developed out of the use of wound healing material called extracellular matrix to help number one, the donor area which is the harvesting site of the hair heal better and number two, to have the grafts heal better. So, although the scalp is very vascular and certainly has a rich blood supply, you still have very many variables that can affect the long term growth of hair. In fact, when we first used the Hair Regeneration.

Treatment, we were using it to help the grafts heal better as well as to strengthen existing hair because what we found was that thinning hairs actually became thicker. At this point, we actually use Hair Regeneration as a separate independent treatment without transplant where we help people with thinning hair avoid the transplant and actually make that thinning hair become thicker and it has been very successful and can last up to 5 years. Now that being sad you can understand what a physicians perspective is regarding smoking.

Smoking is one of the worst things you can do in your body. inhalation of cigarette smoke causes the inhalation of carbon monoxide which literally chokes of blood supply to all your cells. Usually as a practicing /surgeon for so many years, I can look at people and I can usually tell if they are smokers. They age faster, their skin looks terrible, they dont look good. They unfortunately, the nicotine addiction drives their ongoing continuous dependence on cigarette smoke. So it is not unusual for person to go from 3 to 4 cigarettes.

Why My Hair and Nails Grow Too Fast Markus Rothkranz

Mi cabello y uas crecen muy rpido. Y se que algunos de ustedes dirn deseara tener ese problema. No, no lo deseas. Creme. Me met en la cama anoche y las uas de mis pies estaban rascando las sbanas y yo pensaba.

me cort las uas hace tres das. Se vuelve algo ridculo. Mi cabello. mrame. Me veo como un chico de doce aos. Tengo que cortarme el cabello cada semana, es algo muy extrao. No me estoy quejando. Es decir, estoy en la mitad de mis cincuenta aos.

Y tengo montones de cabello, no es un problema. Pero hay un momento en que es demasiado. Es como si. En fin. No es algo que vaya a cambiar ya que es por la forma en que vivo y es resultado de. como vivo.

Tomo mucho de la frmula verde, las algas, la vitamina C y todas esas cosas. Es lo que hago, es parte de mi vida diaria. Este es el resultado de la forma en la que vivo. Y aquellos que tengan problemas de cabello y uas quiz quieran vivir un poco ms de esta manera.

Simplemente les digo que para mi es ridculo. Cortarme el cabello es algo que me molesta. No quiero lidiar con eso, es como el tener que comer. Que hace que el cabello y las uas crezcan? Bueno, es una protena que sale de tu cuerpo. No es una prioridad.

Para aquellos que tienen problemas. Por ejemplo si se estn desintoxicando o si estn enfermos si el cabello se les empieza a caer, es una seal de que el cuerpo est pasando por un proceso de sanacin y el cabello es la prioridad ms baja del cuerpo. Si ests perdiendo cabello y ests haciendo cosas saludables.

Eso significa que tu cuerpo est ocupado luchando contra algo. El cuerpo no se preocupa por la vanidad. Tu lo haces pero tu cuerpo no. Este tiene prioridades como luchar contra enfermedades o algo similar, o crecer o sanar algo que se encontraba herido. Y si necesita quitarle nutrientes al cabello para arreglar.

El problema, entonces lo har. Si ests en un perodo de desintoxicacin o algo as, especialmente si cambias a una dieta ms saludable, tu cuerpo experimentar cambios y algunos sern prdida del cabello o estrs. Ese es importante, el estrs en un factor muy importante.

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