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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

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Its time to finally kick the habit. Smoking, the leading cause of preventable deaths around the world. With direct causes of lung cancer and other cancers, coronary heart disease, and stroke, its not much of a surprise that smoking leads to upwards of 6 million deaths per year. Secondhand smoking can affect your loved ones as well. For children, second hand smoking can increase the chances of health issues ranging from.

Asthma and nasal irritation to lung cancer and sudden infant death syndrome. Research also shows that nonsmokers married to smokers have a 20% increased risk of lung cancer and heart disease. And when you dive into the ingredients of cigarettes, you can see why this dualcolored stick is so dangerous. When lit, over 7,000 different chemicals are released, 69 of which are linked directly.

To cancer and many others considered poisonous. Such chemicals include acetone, commonly found in nail polish remover, arsenic, generally used in rat poison, and other dangerous compounds such as carbon monoxide, lead, and, of course, the addictive stimulant were all familiar with, nicotine. At a blazingly quick 10 seconds, nicotine reaches the brain and releases adrenaline, creating an addictive buzz of pleasure and energy.

However, this buzz is rather short lived. Worse yet, your body builds quite a quick tolerance to nicotine, inevitably requiring you to smoke more and more to reach the same buzz effects. And if you decide to suddenly stop, nicotineassociated withdrawal symptoms kick in, such as irritability, anger, anxiety, restlessness, and weight gain. With such a slew of health risks, its very clear that if youre smoking regularly now,.

Quitting the cigs is one of the healthiest things you can do. So, how can you quit? Well, the first step is to strike up a conversation with yourself, family, friends, or a healthcare provider. Ask yourself, why is it difficult for you to quit smoking? And, why have you failed if youve tried before?.

Many challenges to quitting are related to nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Identifying these symptoms will help you better manage it. Understand that a bout of withdrawal last roughly 15 to 20 minutes and will fade over time with the first week being the worst. But of course, fighting the withdrawal symptoms is a battle itself. One method is to keep your hands and mouth busy.

Doing something as simple as chewing gum while fiddling with a coin, or holding a straw and breathing through it, can serve as replacement strategies mimicking that of smoking a cigarette. You can also use other methods to relieve stress instead of smoking. Try deep breathing meditation practices or even some quick exercises such as jogging around the block or pushups. Besides, smoking does not truly relieve any stress.

Instead, it just blocks stress for a short amount of time. Some people even found success in creating a list of tasks, such as chores or running errands, to keep them busy whenever the cravings hit and serving as a cognitive distraction. Managing smoking triggers, things you tend to do in tandem with smoking, is crucial as well. If you smoke after watching TV, then try avoid reaching for the remote.

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Are you thinking of stopping smoking or have you already tried before and want to try stopping again? If so listen on and we can help you make the move to live life smokefree. You may already know some facts about smoking but here are some particular ones that may make you think twice about continuing. For a start it keeps you out in the cold while your nonsmoking mates are enjoying themselves in the pub or nightclub.

It ruins your good looks because the poisons in the cigarettes dry out your skin and cause wrinkles around your eyes and mouth. Higher rates of gum disease and tooth loss also mean that smoking spoils your smile. Later on, smoking reduces fertility in both men and women, of note it causes impotence in men. You may be thinking that it takes ages for all the bad stuff to happen, so why bother now. Well, if you skip your next cigarette, within 20 minutes your body starts to become healthier.

Your blood pressure and pulse return to normal and your circulation already starts to improve. After 8 hours, the oxygen level in your system, which was previously lowered by smoking, will return to normal. By the end of 24 hours smokefree, the carbon monoxide from your previous cigarettes leave your body and your lungs start to clear out all the mucus and debris. Keeping up the good work means that over the following weeks your circulation continues to improve.

And you can exercise easier. And after all this, the health benefits still keep coming! The sooner you give up smoking the more years youll add to your life after university. As well as the health benefits, youll be better off in your pocket as well The current cost of smoking 10 cigarettes per day for a year costs on average over a thousand pounds. If you quit smoking, think of how this amount could subsidise your.

Debts or free up your finances to afford the stuff youve wanted. Some cigarettes and rollups may cost less but they all have the same health risks. Heres one of our smoking cessation advisors, Sue Westgate to tell us more about how we can help you at the University Health Service Smoking Cessation Sue what can you offer to people who come to you wanting to quit smoking? (SUE) Were friendly for a start and were trained specifically for this.

We offer a onetoone tailored service to students. With the help of a simple questionnaire and our smokalyser we can figure out what method of quitting would suit you best. Heres a picture of a smokalyser its a machine similar to a breathlyser only this one tells you how much smoke youre actually inhaling by measuring your carbon monoxide levels.

With this information, we can then advise you best on how to quit we can offer you advice if you just want to go cold turkey, but if you want, there are lots of forms of nicotine replacement therapy (called NRT) like chewing gum, lozenges and patches that we can sort our for you. We also have tablets that help some people quit (although these arent suitable to all people). (Presenter) So what are the time and money costs involved in stopping smoking, Sue?.

(sue) all our consultations are free for a start. The only thing youll have to shell out for is the prescription charge for the NRT but you can talk to the pharmacist to see if you qualify for help with this on the NHS low income scheme. If you do have to pay, then well keep the prescriptions you need down to a minimum. The time commitment is pretty low too. Well need to see you initially to set out a plan of action.

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