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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

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Quit Smoking Gas

Best 15 Tips to Prevent Intestinal Gas and Bloating Stomach Aches

If you enjoy this tutorial subscribe to the new channel do you often have stomach aches gases the origin of this problem may be related to several factors from belching the air we swallow from fermentation of food remained in the intestine where bacteria usually live or through drug use investing in a healthy lifestyle is one of the steps to avoid gas accumulation follow these next tips to get rid of this nuisance avoid belt some tight clothing drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

Practice exercise do not talk while eating to reduce the air swallowed because can cause the accumulation of gases take your time and well quit smoking avoid lactose get away from carbonated drinks eat less saturated fat drink mint tea consume lots of fiber but do not forget to drink water drink penalty moderate consumption of potassium and sodium helps to regulate.

The inflow and outflow of water in the cells do not drink while eating as it can stimulate the production of gases once they come faster and swallows more air furthermore the liquid delay the digestive process and avoid eating beans lentils cabbage and sprouts so don’t forget to follow this tips if you often have stomach aches investing in a healthy lifestyle is the first step to avoid gas accumulation if this tutorial was helpful to you share it and subscribe if you haven’t already.

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