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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Quit Smoking Feel Sick

Hello hookah . it is paul here with a tutorial for you to accompany the article that i just posted about avoiding hookah sickness and nicotine sickness. Its a pretty simple list, but its very important to follow these steps to avoid making yourself sick. Nicotine is a powerful stimulant and you really want to treat it with a bit of respect. I know that it is easy to get overexcited and overdo it a bit and I will admit personally I’ve done that. Personally I have found myself.

Prayer to the porcelain god at the end of the session and it is no fun. this is especially true when you’re smoking things like what I’m smoking right now, which is Tangiers Mimon, a very potent tobacco, not only in regards to nicotine, but also regards to flavor, but we may as well jump right into it. Number one is hydration. I am enjoying a nice glass of iced barley tea. It is delicious, it is a great thing to have on these really hot summer days and it is well worth hydrating yourself to avoid headaches and migraines.

Remember that nicotine as a stimulant is going to increase your blood pressure and that is going to give you the potential of have that really nasty tightness right in the back of your spine and in your forehead, which I absolutely hate and happily have not experienced in quite a while because I follow these steps. Remember you want to hydrate throughout the day. You can’t really just front load on water right before a session; you need to give your body time to acoelomate to the next level of hydration and redistribute the water throughout.

Your body. hydration throughout the day is just a good suggestion anyway but especially if you’re smoking hookah. Next is to eat something. Eat something good, eat something light. Ill show you a picture right here of the spread that I’m enjoying right now, but its light stuff. Its light cheeses, fresh vegetables, and some nice bread. Having something like that is your stomach is going to settle it out. Its going to avoid the potential of that nauseous feeling that can come from smoking hookah.

And partaking in nicotine. if you’re smoking on an empty stomach or if youve ever done that, boy do you know what I’m talking about. It is not fun. Its a really good idea to have a spread out while you’re smoking and its a great thing to do for your friends to try and give them something to munch on, give them something to settle their stomach with. Next is a mistake that a lot of us make, especially when we first start smoking hookah. Pace yourself. If you’ll notice, I had not taken a draw from.

That hookah in a very long time. its not like a cigarette. its not going to burn out on you, its not going to go out on you. Hookah is about relaxation. If you’re constantly hovering the hose, you’re going to be front loading on nicotine and it’ll hit you very quickly and a lot harder than you’re probably expecting. Its worth taking the time to put the hose down for a minute, breathe some oxygen and air, let the nicotine flow throughout your body so you can actually tell at what level you’re resting. I know for a fact that.

If i get overexcited and just keep pulling on the hose, suddenly i’m hit like i hit a wall moving at 50 miles an hour and immediately my stomachs upset, my head is hurting and it is a bad time. The next one is similar. Pace yourself regarding the number of bowls that you smoke. If I smoke more than two bowls in the course of a day, I am a very unhappy camper. It is not worth it at all. Hookah is not a competition. Its not about who can smoke the most bowls in the course.

Of a day. if you can only smoke one bowl a week and that is where you’re comfortable, if you smoke more than that then you feel like junk, dont push it. Its not worth it. If you’re looking to smoke more in the course of a day or week, start low. Start with one a day at the absolute maximum and dont change that. Dont add any bowls no matter what even if you’re in a social setting. Let other people smoke. Its not all that worth it to push yourself farther than you are actually.

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