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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Quit Smoking Cold Turkey Withdrawal Symptoms

Bjbj quit smoking side effects and nicotine withdrawal so what are the side effects of quitting smoking? We all hear about the side effects of smoking, but let s forget about those for the time being. Let s talk about the side effects at quitting. So much happens when you quit smoking, physically and mentally there are some major changes going on. If you quit cold turkey, pow, you just jump off the cliff, down to zero. You re going to have some chemical changes from your receptors in your brain going hey, it s time for that.

Nicotine and you aren t getting it. honestly there are so many ingredients in cigarettes that when we smoke those ingredients, we have no idea what the effects are, and if they are addicting, or what the withdrawal of those things are. Things like chocolate, artificial chocolate flavor, and molasses, and chemicals I can t even pronounce. You re smoking those, so you need to taper down on that stuff because that s a killer. The mental part, you re going to have some side effects that are going to be amazing. Number one is you ve grown to.

Depend on your cigarette as your friend, your confidant, the one who was always there for you. When you got your first job, your cigarette was there to congratulate you because you couldn t talk to anybody else. When you got stood up on that date, or when this happened or that happened, your cigarette was always there for you. It never condemned you. It was always your buddy, your friend, you knew better but I can say this. I ve done it. I ve been right where you re at; I used to smoke. I know that friendship thing. You re going.

To have that companionship issue that s going to be your walking away from your closest friend. That s a grieving process. My thought is if you re quitting cold turkey, you re creating a real bad scenario of physically lord knows what your body is craving, it could be burnt molasses along with the nicotine. And mentally, you ve just lost your closest friend. Man, that s two things all at once. I have created a plan that actually will walk you through the steps down through this. You didn t start smoking in one day. It took you.

Some time to learn how to smoke, how to hold it, how to light that thing, how to get it out of the pack, and how to blow smoke rings and look cool. I ve done that. Been there, I understand. d love for you to take a look at this thing, because I will walk you and coach you through each step of the way. It s a 9 week program. You continue to smoke for 5 weeks. By the end of those 5 weeks, you are physically and mentally prepared to walk away from your cigarettes without being miserable. And do it one time, not quit 6,.

7 times like the experts say. one time and not be miserable. there s a link below, go ahead and take a look at that thing. It s thequitsmokingplan . I d love to share some more information with you and let you know more about it. I d have you come along with us. So that s about the side effects. There are a lot of them. I can t go into all of them right here because that s way too long but those are the two biggies, and so I wanted to help you through those. You have a great day. I hope to see you at The Quit.

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