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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

How To Stop Smoking On Your Own


This is the practical part of The Power of Habit. Well, how do you change a habit? The first thing is always wanting the change. The more it matters to you the easier it’ll be. Here’s the 3 steps of how a habit plays out. The cue is what reminds you or what makes you feel the urge to, say, smoke a cigarette. The reward is whatever satisfies that urge or need you feel. In this scenario, it’s the cigarette itself or the addicting nicotine in it, that little buzz, that little high you get from it. The routine is the process of consuming that reward, like taking that cigarette box out of your jacket, picking out one of the cigarettes,.

Maybe even smoking with a coworker on a 5 min break, and taking that first hit. That’s basically the cycle. The cue could be as simple as seeing someone else smoke or as I said one of your coworkers or fellow students asking you to join them for a smoke. This is where I see a lot of people become entrenched in it, when it becomes a social sort of ritual, where the other person expects you to continue and when you want to stop there’s crabbucketing quot;Oh I see you think you’re better than usquot; and you now stop seeing that person, because they’re not in your department or class and maybe now you feel like you can’t do that and so you may even go with them, but quot;you’re not going to smokequot; and then they.

Ask you if you’re sure with a cigarette sticking out of their box directly in your face and of course, you give in, because you haven’t replaced any of these steps. You just stopped consuming the reward, you stopped the routine by not smoking, but you still do feel the urge and a cigarette is still what would satisfy that need. So, it’s a damn tricky thing, getting out of a bad habit. I truly recommend you stop smoking, if any of you are and if not, then stay away from it. I’ve had friends who I would laugh with at that old joke of people saying quot;I can stop whenever I want, but I don’t want to.quot; and quot;I’m only doing X on the weekend.quot; And those very friends who laughed.

With me at those people got into not only cigarettes, but went even further and it all started with quot;Oh, it’s just once a week, bro, chill the fuck out, like I appreciate you looking out for me, man, but you really don’t have to. I got this man, don’t worry.quot; and when they tried to stop, they couldn’t. I wasn’t surprised and I wasn’t around to tell them quot;I told you so.quot;, because all they wanted to do when we hung out at that point was drugs and alcohol. I had thought they knew better. And so I distanced myself from them, got into working out and martial arts, thinking about taking up boxing or BJJ someday and through those activities I met a lot of new, likeminded, healthy friends who wouldn’t drag me down,.

But help me improve and get up to their advanced level. You don’t wanna hang around losers, trust me and I realize I went off on a little tangent, but I think that’s a very important life lesson. Be careful who you surround yourself with. Bad habits form fast, easy and destroy your life, while good habits are hard to come by, but they’re sure as hell worth maintaining. It’s what we do on a regular basis that leads us to excellence or misery. And one thing that the book isn’t talking about enough is social aspects like peer pressure and group think. In my martial arts class there’s about 50 people helping eachother grow and it’s not like in the gym, where you can skip a session. You’ve got to be there.

Everybody’s counting on you. One of us can’t do the pushups long enough, the whole group gets to do 20 more. So, of course it’s easier for me to keep up in that environment, but the exact same thing applies with the destructive, bad habits. Staying around people who don’t help you grow, but limit your potential and waste everybody’s time is a difficult, if not impossible place to develop yourself in. So, all that in mind, let’s change your bad habit, whatever it may be. The Cue Whenever you feel the urge for your habit, ask yourself 1) what time it is, 2) where you are, 3) who else is around you, 4) what you just did and 5) what emotions you are.

Feeling. Atleast one of these is the cue for your habit. Look for consistencies to spot them when wanting a cigarette, junk food, drugs, tutorial games, porn, what have you. The Reward What craving are you satisfying? You’ve got to figure out how you can substitute the harmful reward, with a neutral or positive reward that will still lead to satisfaction. For heavy smokers there’s things like nicotine chewing gum, called nicorette. By chewing those instead of smoking you protect your lungs, while still receiving that nicotine your body has become addicted to. Now that is not ideal, since you’re not fighting the addiction, however it’s better than breathing.

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