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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

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As some of you know that watch these tutorials that I do for Jesus, On December 24th, 2010 is when I started making tutorials for Jesus on here. And that was the same day that the Lord Jesus delivered me from smoking cigarettes. My friends I’ve done so many things in my life, so many drugs, So much alcohol and things like that. I’ve done pills, excstacy, cocaine, I’ve even tried crack a couple times. You know I’ve drank alcohol and liquor, I’ve been addicted to internet pornography over ten years ago, And I have many addicitons in my life. But there was never an addiction that had.

Me like smoking cigarettes had me. I probably smoked for about ten years, From around the year 2000 to around the year 2010. But there was never an addiction that had more control over me that that addiction. I was literally feeding my flesh, And for about 8 of those 10 years I was addicted smoking about a pack a day. But my friends I haven’t made any tutorials about stopping smoking, Because the Lord had not led me to. But Jesus spoke to me here recently and He gave me a revelation about smoking cigs, And it will not be popular for those of you that are still smoking cigarettes.

But if you will take it to Jesus He will help you. He will help you and He will deliver you from those cigs if you surrender to Him. If you will surrender your life to Him. This is what the Lord told me in my spirit, He said, My child the world has even banned cigarette smoking in public places, The world has even put these limits on where you can smoke. Do you not think that if you are My child and your body is My temple, That I will accept you into My Kingdom, If you continue to smoke cigarettes and defile your body?.

Your body is not your own, your body is Mine. My friends, He reminded me that this body, this is His temple, And it’s Him that lives inside of us. And if you are truly serious about following Jesus, You will put all of your focus on Jesus. You will take your focus off of your addiction, you will put it on Jesus. And you will begin to tell those cigarettes, (Look at that cigarette) and tell it that you are not my boss. I follow Jesus, I obey Jesus, And I’m no longer going to surrender to you. I’m no longer going to feed my flesh, But I’m going to surrender to Jesus and lay.

My life down. It’s no longer what I want, it’s what Jesus wants. And my friend, if you begin to draw closer to Jesus, He will set you free from smoking those nasty cigarettes. My friend are bodies are the temple of God, And everyone that is filled with the Spirit of God is His temple. My friends, we are the church. We are the called out believers, we are His vessels. We are either instruments of righteousness or intruments of wickedness. Jesus wants to fill you with His Holy Spirit.

Jesus wants to set you free, but my friends you must resist the devil. And when you truly submit to Jesus, when you truly submit to Jesus, You will be able to resist that devil and he will flee from you. But my friends you must want it. You must pray without ceasing. You must put all of your focus on Jesus. Tune into Jesus, tune into Jesus, He will help you. He will strengthen you, and when you put all of your focus on Him, Those little cigarettes, they will be easy to lay down. He will just take it away, but you have to.

Really want it. You’ve got to hunger and thirst after it, Like you’ve never hunger or thirst for anything else. My friend, He will set you free, He can do all things. You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength. My friends, you can do it, I’m praying for you. If you need any type of encouragment or anything, I’m available. You can call me, you can call me anytime on skype. Hit me up for my skype name or just write or leave me a message.

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