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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

How To Start Smoking Pipe

The way that it is a while mama crack every now n smile on the floor don’t thinking damn this shit Getz Oh what’s up guys so this tutorial is going to be kind of like a part two to my hottest look with anxiety this tutorial is basically just going to give you guys some more basic tips as you continue to smoke weed in your lives or if this is your first time this is.

The perfect tutorial for one of my main tips wish to know what you’re smoking but I mean obviously not everybody in the world is going to know exactly what they have one of like the easiest things you can do is ask the person that you’re getting it from a lot of the times they actually know at least whether it’s indica or sativa I know a lot of times they just assume not like people don’t really care about.

That stuff especially if you’re buying illegally even if they give you like a bullshit answer like that we still know based on the effects if what they’re telling me is true or not always corner your goals if you don’t know what coring your bowl is that’s when you just like um like the corner of it instead of like blazing the entire thing.

So you’re going to enjoy your bowl a lot more if you’re smoking by yourself and if you select with other people they’re going to appreciate you saving them some of the green stuff to it so another big thing for beginners is just like figuring out how he want to consumer Canada’s it’s pretty well known that a lot of people have their first time that the pipes like this but this isn’t your only option.

Their joints blunts bongs butler’s bigger pipes vaporizers edibles like the list goes on for a really really long time personally I prefer bong just because I like the water filtration and I can take much bigger hits and um smoking up something like this or like a regular pipe the biggest piece of advice I can sort of give you guys is to know what to expect after you smoke you can like expect to.

I feel like your heart rate go up you can expect to maybe feel a little bit paranoid a little bit anxious because it is you know your first time trying something new once you get past that and especially as you’re coming down that’s what i find it to be more relaxing and really just reflect on my whole experience take it slow don’t try to keep up with people have been smoking for years or.

People just other people because other people have like different tolerance levels so um it might be super great that you get something from like a few hits but um just don’t overdo it I’ve also noticed that like grinding we can also be a challenge for new smokers I love grinders but i don’t really use them a lot right now because it’s I don’t really find it necessary.

You don’t need to go by like the most expensive grinder on the market just because it’s being advertised as like the best things like grind after we’d like say be the most we like catch the most key I just use my hands to grind it up really fine and I spoke it I know for a fact if you go into like a smoke shop especially in like texts like not we will say they’re going to try to sell you like so much shit like so much.

How to Light a Pipe and Keep It Lit PipesandCigars

How to light your pipe and Keep it Lit. Lighting a pipe seems relatively straightforward. Apply an open flame to the tobacco and puff on it until lit. But in order to minimize mid smoke relights, it’s important to pay attention to this technique. Be sure to use wooden matches or soft flame butane lighter.

Do not use a torch lighter. torch lighters burn too hot and can damage your pipe. Start by giving your pipe what is known as the charring light. Light your match or lighter and apply to the tobacco moving in a circular motion around the entire surface at the tobacco. While doing this take a few puffs on the pipe to draw the flame in. The tobacco will probably swell up during this process.

The purpose of the charring light is to expel any extra moisture from the tobacco and prepare a nice even surface for the true light. Next allow the charring light to go out and tamp the tobacco down so that its even with the top of the bowl. Tamp very lightly here. You just want return the tobacco to the level it was at before the charring light.

Light your match or lighter and apply it to the tobacco again moving in a circular motion around the entire service at the tobacco. While doing this take a few short puffs on the pipe. At this point your pipe should stay lit however there will be times your pipe may want to go out regardless of how well you’ve packed.

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