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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

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Let me tell you about my mom. My mom was 42 years old when I was born, and she started exercisingfor the first time in her life. She started by running around the block, and then she started doing 5K races,and then she started doing 10K races. And after that, she ran a marathon, and after that, my mom did a triathlon. By the time she was 57 years old,

my mom was trekking uphillto the base camp of Mt. Everest. (Laughter) And let me tell you about my dad. (Laughter) When I was a kid,my dad used to take me to science classes. He was also my calculus teacherin high school. (Laughter) I wanted to crawl under the desk.

(Laughter) I learned something important from my mom: The value of health. And I learned somethingimportant from my dad: the value of science. And these two values have guided meon my trek through life, and they’ve helped me appreciatean epidemic that we are all facing. And it’s not Ebola.

Instead, it is the epidemicof unhealthy living. A half billion people worldwide are obese. And you would think that 50 years afterthe first U.S. Surgeon General’s report on the dangers of tobacco was publishedwe’d be beyond the problem of smoking. Today, a billion peopleworldwide use tobacco. Tobacco and obesityare two of the most preventable causes of premature death. Solving these problems is liketrying to solve a jigsaw puzzle.

We engage in unhealthy behaviorsbecause of our genetics, because of brain neurotransmitters, because of environmental influencessuch as peers and the media. Each of those pieces of the puzzle are not things that you and Ican solve on our own. But there is one piece of this puzzlethat may hold the key: Our choices about what we dowith our cravings to engage in addictive behaviorslike smoking or overeating.

Our choices. There is a new science of selfcontrol that may hold the key to reversingthese epidemics. It’s called willingness. Willingness means allowingyour cravings to come and to go, while not acting on them by smokingor eating unhealthy. But actually, I’m not talking aboutwillpower, and I’m not talking about quot;power through your cravings.quot;

How to Sell Drugs

RYAN: How are you? RYAN: [INAUDIBLE] MAN: Yeah. RYAN: So we first met Nimsa few months ago. And after earning his trust fora little while, he agreed

to let us hang out with him. But for really obvious reasons,a lot of the names and places that yousee in this piece are going to be withheld. RYAN: So after about a half anhour of twists and turns down a whole bunch of streets wedidn’t recognize, we finally arrived Nims’ apartment.

The walls are mostly bare, andbesides a bed and dresser and a big screen TV, it didn’tlook like anyone actually lived there. RYAN: Per week? NIMS: I could justdo it myself.

RYAN: At the age of 17, Nimswas arrested with a felony weight of cocaine. Just months before his 18thbirthday, he faced the possibility of a 20 yearprison sentence. RYAN: Where did they send you? NIMS: It was threeyears in jail or

take the SHOCK program. Do six months of kiss ass, suckdick too [INAUDIBLE]. They punch you. They tell you when to eat. They tell you how todo everything. Probably worse than amilitary boot camp.

I wound up doing four months. If you don’t stop and thinkbefore you do, you’re going to find yourself in trouble everyfucking time you do something. [PHONE RINGING] [MUSIC PLAYING]

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