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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

How To Quit Smoking In Kannada

Rooha Kannada short film

All because of you I was fine all by myself My life became miserable once you stepped in It is foolish to blame others for the decisions made by us This is not foolishness I’m saying the truth. What is the truth? This hair! I never liked growing so much hair.

You wanted this hairstyle so you let it be. I am just a reason for you to blame. Don’t talk like that Rooha Your desires are mine. Your wishes are mine too. But, as you are aware that I am loosing opportunities because of this.

Look Karan, you can live as you like I will not question you. But, I love long hair. I hated the smell of this. You always wanted to smoke, I just accompanied you.

No Rooha, I never had a craving to smoke. Moreover, Mythili did not like it either. All this while, you have been blaming me You were controlling yourself because of her. I just made you free. Stop it Rooha!.

She spoke to me that way out of care affection. Unlike you What do you mean? I don’t like to control you like she did You live the life of your choice Karan. I will always be with you Rooha! Mythili never controlled me.

Don’t talk ill about her Everything was fine, I left her for you, But you. Shut up Karan! Did I ever force you to let go off her? I like you! I wanted us to unite. Was that wrong?.

That is impossible Rooha. Everybody knows that I Mythili are no longer together And if I go out with you at this point The fans who loved me till now will start hating me. They will abuse me, they will laugh at me. No Karan, that won’t happen. People who love you will not accuse you.

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