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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

How To Quit Smoking For Real

What is Vaping vs Smoking Cigarettes How to Quit Smoking Easily

Hey how are you wanted to do a tutorial for you too what is vaping I talk about vaping versus smoking there’s been a tiny studies that are going on right now that do show invading is a much healthier alternative smoking cigarettes cigarettes are nasty I quiet smoking cigarettes I had a pack and a half a day cigarette habit for almost thirty years I am that’s a pack and a half a day we’re talking about a Marlboro Reds when I go out to the clubs or go.

Drinking on the weekends I’d have a pack in Newport’s over here in a pack of Marlboro over here and I’m smoking like a freakin bean I started vaping 12 o’clock in the afternoon I was living out in LA and I want to avenge throughout Sherman Oaks and bought myself a little tax system and did not have a cigarette sense its amazing no withdrawals no craziness I started with that I tried to patch I tried the gum I tried the hocus pocus shmoe kiss.

You know all that craziness it doesn’t work you know it and I know vaping so much safer alternative and I love it what is vaping I feel better I sleep better at night I wake up more refreshed everything’s better more energy throughout the day I so what what’s in the ejuice let’s talk about that roadway be juicer the liquid if you’re at the baby store right now a they have it on a different uses for you watson this Scott I’m gonna tell you right now its.

A number of different components one is called propylene glycol PG propylene glycol is found in things like asthma inhalers people do say it is found that antifreeze its its it it happens to be an antifreeze to but the reason being is because propylene glycol is what they call a humectant its it absorbs moisture the reason why the using and it is safe it is good the body metabolize it very quickly and it’s a flavor carrier.

For your each uses the other proponent the other component in the any juices vegetable glycerin vegetable glycerin is made from well vegetables and vegetable glycerin is found in foods all over the place I am it’s also if you know about veggie caps you know little capsules for medications they’re made with veggie caps that’s fashionable classroombased what is vaping so brothers proponents components are very you know third third the good they’re they’re not great for you but they’re not they’re.

Not bad the other I component in educe is I am food grade play brings you know food grade slavery all of which these all these components in ejuice is I am it has been proven to be okay were vaping so I wouldn’t worry about that I i would tell you this is a much safer alternative to smoking you’ll feel better your skin will look better.

Vaping versus smoking go with meeting all day long to treat to tremendous tremendous growing community and the baby community so if you’re the babe store what setup should you start with if your pack pack an everyday smoker go with the traditional tank systems there’s division BB Nova the halo trade him %uh egoc twist the spinners with a nice tax system may be a canker pro tanker BCC tanker BB Nova tank your make sure people will be led the show you all the different.

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