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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

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How To Quit Smoking Cigars

How to Store a HalfSmoked Cigar

Hi I’m Kayla with Cheaphumidors and today I’m going to show you how to keep a halfsmoked cigar. A lot of times when you smoke cigars, you won’t have time to finish it like if there’s a rain storm coming, but you can still save that cigar and smoke the rest of it later. First what you want to do is to make sure it’s ashed. Next you want to purge the cigar, so you want to gently blow in to clear the cigar of all the smoke. So you do that a couple more times and then you put it down and you let it go out on its own; you don’t want to stamp it out. Just leave it alone for about 10 minutes until it stops burning. So now that the cigar has gone out, you want to take a guillotine cutter and go about a.

Half inch above from where the burn has stopped. You should have a good clean cut, and again, you want to purge it to make sure all the smoke is out. Now you want to store it in a plastic bag or a cigar tube, but definitely NOT your humidor because the smell of a halfsmoked cigar will pollute your humidor! Then when you’re ready to smoke it again, you just light it as normal. This is Kayla with Cheaphumidors and this was how to store a halfsmoked cigar.

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