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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

How To Make Someone Stop Smoking Vine

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So, elliot’s sunbathing.He says he wants to catch a prespring tan i dunno i’m getting elliot to drink some orange juice i’ve also got some sleeping pills.Very strong sleeping pills! first off, do not try this at home! i thought if i put sleeping pills in elliot’s orange juice, making him pass out then, getting some red industrial dye making elliot look like he has some severe sunburn and spraying deep heat on him, sorry bro! here you are ben thank you elliot cheers ben laughing ben oh my gosh! what the hell.

Laughing he’s drunk it all! completely k.O.! sorry bro! time to apply some industrial dye i’ve just put the dye all over him and i made it look like he’s got a dick suntan on him time to apply the heat! laughing high pitched grunt laughing hard why are you recording! because, you bloody idiot! ben what the heck’s happened elliot i can hardly stand why is there a dick on my stomach!! i put a banana and 2 pots! i didn’t know you were gonna fall asleep! elliot it’s not even sunny!.

Ben alright, elliot.Who goes sun bathing on a day.Elliot it was sunny earlier on, alright ben elliot, what are you doing now elliot hold! ben elliot! calm down! what are ya doing! elliot why we got bloody stales in here, ben animal cruelty! wait.What are ya doing, elliot! your’e all over our food! i need to frost! what do mean frost elliot i can’t feel my toes! frostbite! ben! i’m getting frostbite i thought i’d help elliot by getting some aftersun.Put the aftersun on, elliot! okay! presenting.Big dick giles!.

That is so immature! shut your mouth!!! elliot! why haven’t you rubbed the cream in that looks stupid! the more you rub in, the better! okay and i need to get rid of this tonight! asap! where you going, elliot cause tomorrow morning, ben i’ve gotta hit the art gallery in bridgend i volunteered to become a male model for them! elliot! you cannot pose like that! why cause you got a willy on your stomach! that will be gone by tomorrow!!!!! elliot! what are you doing i’m in the show.

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Quit smoking prank,To discover lovtrack braceletslovtrackdmpranks will those people quit smoking we dont think so it wasnt easy get good.

Quit smoking cigarettes or else funny vine prank,Credits istutta for more of the funniest prank tutorials vines more across the internet follow me on facebook sfacebookpricelessprankz.

Ben phillips stop smoking prank do not try this on your friends or nan,Pranks pranks and moresorry bro subscribe to my channel and join my army im ben phillips and through my unfortunate buddy elliot giles our. How to quit smoking in 12 hours the easy method,Ive had a terrible habit for around 17 years and that was smoking i quit smoking cold turkey let me tell you how to quit smoking and how simple it is. Jay versace vine compilation with titles best jay versace vines top viners,Please leave a like if you enjoyed and tell me what you think in the comments thanks also check out all jerry purpdrank vines.

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