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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

How To Keep Kids From Smoking

both so. We’re even now. Oh, no, no, we’re not even. (whooshing and creaking) No. (upbeat string music) I was a little person at the time.

and (laughs) it was just to have fun. She’ll be a little angry with me and I hope this doesn’t prevent her from being generous in the future. It surrounds what I really did on my prom night. I think that she’ll probably be like, Oh!.

(upbeat string music) Jen A few years ago for a birthday present my mom, you got my these really nice pearl earrings. I went to an after party wearing these pearl earings and I drank a little too much. The earrings disappeared that night.

so, all this time you’ve been lying to me? I wouldn’t call it a lie. I’d said I’ve bent the truth. Gayle Oh, I’m not too thrilled. (Jen laughs) Unreal.

when i was really little at home, when you were not at home, I used to dress Russel up, Russel’s my brother, I used to dress Russel up and paint his nails and do his make up. We’d take all the make up off of Russel and everything.

Before you came home so you wouldn’t know. When you say we, your mother is a conspirator in this, Yes. (laughs) Yes. in this plot. And Russel liked it. He had fun. (laughs).

great. Well, when i was in high school, Mmhm. I snuck out of the house all the time. All the time. Are you serious?.

yeah. Where did you go? Out to, like, the beach and What? (Becca laughs) How is that possible?.

Why I Stopped Smoking Weed Life Changing

What is up guys and welcome back to koi’s corner. if you enjoy this tutorial, make sure to like, subscribe, and leave me a comment letting me know why. This is just a quick tutorial. Um, I thought I would address and explain to you guys in detail simply because with almost every tutorial I post, reading through comments, I always get questions from people as to whether or not I smoke weed, that I look like I do, that the topics I talk about stem from kind of stereotypical cultural normality that involves the ingestion of marajuana to a lot of people but I want to explain why I don’t and why I haven’t in close to five years.

And this tutorials purpose isn’t to say that smoking weed is bad or that you should smoke weed or that my position is the ultimate position. I’m just simply explaining what happened to me, why I chose to stop, and that’s pretty much it. Every single person is affected differently by marajuana, some good, some bad, some a neutral state so my story is really just mine and I don’t think it’s something anyone should dive too deep into or overthink too much. So growing up, pretty much, I started smoking weed around freshman year of high school. I was about fourteen, fifteen years old and I remember from the moment I started doing it,.

I absolutely loved it just for the effects it gave me, the way it made me feel very happy, very chill, very relaxed, very at peace with what was going on. I was a sort of connoisseur right at the start. I didn’t smoke too much my freshman year of high school because I played sports and you kind of got drug tested and you weren’t always allowed but once that whole period of my life ended and a lot more things started happening, both good and bad, it was kind of something that was always there. If I wasn’t smoking weed, I was smoking spice or something to emulate this effect I got from THC.

I would usually be cheap ’cause i didn’t have much money so i would vaporize and save as much of it as I could so I could almost use it every day. It was something that was just fun. It was a social, fun thing. I went out with people and did it. We all hung out in big groups at houses and made music and smoked. It was just a thing I think a lot of kids who don’t have anything extra curricular going on tend to do once they finally get out of school and have some free time on their own. And it was great and it was fun to me at the time because I didn’t realize or I wasn’t old enough, I think,.

To realize that it was kind of beginning to slowly set me back without me noticing. By this, I mean many people do things after school other than just sit around and do nothing. People have jobs, people are studying to get into college, people are working on crafts, maybe going out surfing, or coming home and painting, or working on new music, or posting tutorials on . This is a common thing between all kids that get out of school and want to work on something. But for me, being a stoner, being somebody who smoked twenty four seven, it meant that my goal when I got out of school was to.

Just get high and nothing else. you know i wasn’t really doing anything at all. i was just getting high and sitting there with my friends and that was it and when you’re at that age, it’s a normal thing you think. It’s normal to just smoke and hang out but I think as you get older, you realize it’s really not that normal to be doing nothing with your time, to not be educating yourself or reading books or watching documentaries or doing something progressive in some sense. It’s very regressive to just sit still, get high, and just talk with friends all day but not really work on your own personal path, your own personal progress or what you might.

Want to do with your life once this phase of four years in high school ends. But I loved it so much and it was so fun for me. It was such a filling feeling I think because it took away the need to think about all that extra stuff that I didn’t want to think about at that time. But as time went on, as you guys have seen, I got in trouble with the law, ended up getting a DUI and before I went to jail, I had about a year between that time where I still went back and finished school, went to high school, spent a whole year getting ready for college and you know the rest of my life before I actually.

Eventually went into jail which if you haven’t seen that tutorial, it’s gonna be up here and it’s also in my book which is in the description below. I go into a lot more detail on that. But after the initial arrest and during that whole year period before I had to go away, I didn’t smoke any weed and that was weird for me. You know, I went from doing something nearly every day to not wanting to do it at all. By choice, not doing it at all and I think it’s because when this accident occurred, when everything in my life changed, when I knew my future was something I had to focus on right here and now, when one day I was a kid and the next day I was a grown up.

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