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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

How To Cure Smoking

Spearheading the attack is Allen Carr hisdaily fight against nicotine has propelled him far this is my pride and joy my rollsroycle silver spirit I never dreamed street urchin sixty years ago I’d end up one daywith one of these. its a wonderful thing. he has made his millions by discovering hisown holy grail for the hopelessly addicted a guaranteed way to quit. Your probably lookingat the worst nicotine addict there’s ever been. the first thing i do in the morningbefore I’d put a stitch of clothing on would be to have a cigarette dangling from my lips.And that cigarette was stuck there all day everyday for 30 odd years. But one day twentyyears ago, Allen Carr saw the light. It was

so easy it was unbelievable I went over night,from chain smoker to nonsmoker without any withdraw pains at all. I haven’t had the slightestcraving to smoke since. And I suddenly realized that this method would work for all smokers.Today Carr is so confident of this technique he’s attempting to convince every smoker watchingto quit. By debunking 4 great smoking myths. All you need to do is listen. And you too can be a nonsmoker. Smokers believe they need will power to quit. Other methods concentrate on reasonswhy they shouldn’t smoke, the health, the money, the slavery, the filthy habit, butsmokers all this, but continue to smoke. Why? On the other side of the tug of war, it relaxesme, it helps me to concentrate, it relives

stress, it relives boredom, now they’re prettypowerful reasons to make smokers frightened to quit. Just suppose smoking did none ofthose things. And it actually impeded concentration, it impeded relaxation, it increased boredom,and increased stress. Now you got 4 additional reasons to quit smoking, you haven’t a singlereason to carry on smoking. Once you see that is what it really is, the desire to smokegoes and you don’t need will power to quit. Do let us know if this works. Smokers believethey smoke because they choose to, they can remember there first experimental cigarette,but no smoker can remember the day they decided to become a regular smoker. That’s becauseno smoker ever did. Ask any smoking parent

whether they encouraged there children tosmoke. The answer is an invariably empathic no. That’s because all smokers sense thatthey fell into a trap. And they don’t want there children to fall into the same trap.If you’ve ever made just one halfhearted attempt to quit, you’ve made a positive decisionyou want to be a nonsmoker, and if you still smoke, its not because you chose to, its becauseyou failed to quit. When smokers quit, they believe they suffer terrible physical withdrawalpains from nicotine. Nicotine withdrawl is what smokers suffer throughout the smokerslife. And its almost inperceptibvale and its the only reason they light the next the nextcigarette. It gets no worse when they extinguish

the flame. The reason a smoker suffer is thatthey believe they’re making a terrible sacrifice. All substitues actually reinforces the feeling,substitues that contain nicotine actually prolong the addiciton. How can you cure addicitionfrom a drug by taking the same drug your addicted to? It’s absolute nonsense. Smokers believethat its dificult to quit. Provided that you realize theres nothing to give up, you canquit, not with a feeling of doom and gloom, worrying wheather you have the will power,worrying weather the craving will go. But with a feeling of utter elation, know thatfrom then on you’ll enjoy social occasions more, and be better equipt to handle stress.You’ll look at other smokers, not with envy,

but with pity, in the realization that theyrelightening that cigarette is to try to get back to the state of relaxation that nonsmokersenjoy all there lives. The one thing that prevents them from doing that, is anotherdose of nicotine… Good Luck.


Welcome to Health Care At Home One of our viewer Hanif Ahmed He says that he is a chain smoker Suggest me home remedy to quit smoking Hanifji nice to hear that you want to quit smoking I will tell you the home remedy but you can quit smoking only with your will power You have to keep so much of will power that I want to quit smoking because it is killing me You will get High blood pressure due to smoking

You will have heart problem you can get problem of blood circulation which paralysis your one side You can get paralytic attach due to smoking Smoking is very harmful If you dont want to fall prey for lung cancer Just hold your breath for 10 mins and see you will know that how it feels when you cant breath And when you get lung cancer you are unable to breath If you think about this then only you can quit smoking

Now I will tell you the remedy on this Take 60 gms of Black salt add 100 gms of fennal seeds and 100 gms of carom seeds mix this in earthen vessel or glass vessel squeeze 2 lemons in it keep this exposed to moon on full moon day In the morning warm it on pan and sprinkle some water on it it will become in the form of a tablet You can grind the mixture if you have problem in making tablet Make small pills of it Whenever you feel like smoking have this pill Your addiction towards cigarette will be controlled by this pill

Apart from this take cinnamon powder mix it with honey and have it in the morning on empty stomach This will also control your smoking addiction Have small har with you whenever you feel like smoking lick that har No addiction will last more than 21 days on you you will get rid of addiction within 21 days You apatite will increase after you quit smoking Your hairfall problem will get cured which happens due to lack of blood circulation You can only quit smoking by your will power this remedies will only support you If you cant live without smoking than go for nicotine patch you will get it in chemist shop

Have nicotine chewing gum However you have to quit smoking is must Do the remedies which I told you to quit smoking I am repeating again Take 60 gms of Black salt add 100 gms of fennal seeds and 100 gms of carom seeds You will get rid of this addiction So these are the simple solutions We just try to quit your smoking and make you healthy Rest we wish to see you healthy fit happy and keep meeting us

You just have to subscribe our channel to meet us Ask your friends and relatives to do the same Keep away s and get good health at home itself If you are blackberry user then find bbm pin on our description and subscribe us on that You can join us on facebook or twitter Keep away s and get good health at home itself Thank you.

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