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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

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How To Clean A Metal Smoking Pipe

How to clean a glass pipe

All right YouTube, here it is, the ultimate pipe cleaning guide. No mess, no bags, no microwave, no boiling on the stove, nothing like that. Very simple, very effective. I really like this method. uh. First you want to seal off the bowl, and any other holes that might be on the pipe like carbs, or anything like that. I’m using electrical tape. You don’t have to but it.

Works very well, it doesn’t leak if you wrap it correctly, and most people have it laying around. but I’ve used plastic wrap in the past and other things. but anyway, you want to completely seal off the pipe like i’m doing here. I’m going to speed it up just a bit here. and next we’re going to grab some kosher salt. (just press that in and make sure everything is all sealed off) I’m going to use kosher salt here, you don’t have to.

If you just have regular salt you can use that too, but kosher salt is a more effective scrubbing agent. You don’t want it completely packed full, you want room for your solvent as well, which we’ll add in a second. If you end up with too much salt in there just knock a bit of it back out. I’m using 100% pure acetone. You can also use nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol, but pure acetone is the best, it work like magic. As with the salt, you don’t want it completely full of acetone. You want some air in there, maybe about twenty percent.

You want your cleaning solution to be able to move freely and move around. so leave a little air in there. We’re going to finish sealing off the pipe. Make sure it’s completely sealed up, and tight. And then you’re going to shake, shake, shake, shake! If you clean your pipe on a regular basis you can get away with two or three minutes, and it will be clean. If it’s REALLY funky, I’ve had to shake up to ten minutes. It just depends on how much.

Use the pipe has gotten. Shake shake shake! also I just want to make a little note: I’ve seen a lot of tutorials here on YouTube where people are putting alcohol and salt into a bag and they’re kind of missing the point. The point of the salt is that it doesn’t dissolve in the solvent and remains a good scrubbing agent. You want that on the inside of the pipe.

That’s why I like to sealing it off like I do in this method. . also you’ll notice I already had the water running before I rinse it out, because you want it to be nice and hot when you use it first, you don’t want to wait for it to heat up. I’m going to manually scrub out the bowl here because you’ll usually have a couple little bits and pieces left in there, it doesn’t get a lot of flow. but the insides are already perfect.

I’m going to give it one little quick rinse here with acetone, one more time, just to get rid of anything that may have redeposited on the inside of the pipe when I put the water in there. Give it one more hot water rinse, make sure you have all the residue out and it is just clean water. Dry it off. I’m going to bring it back over to the light source so you can see how we did. BOOM! Clean pipe, like the day it was blown.

Protopipe Deluxe Pipe

Now we’re featuring one of the best pipes for the past 2025 years. This is the Protopipe. This is an original. This is not a Chinese knockoff, as you can see by the double P on there. The Protopipe is a unique pipe. It does not require a screen. It is all one piece and the bowl area is very easy to clean. All you have to do is to remove this little stick. It pokes in to all five of these holes so you can clean it.

After every time that you use it. The good thing about the Protopipe, this piece is an actual part. You can store stuff in here, but to remove this, to remove the bottom of the Protopipe, by placing this in to the center hole and just tapping it, you will knock out the center piece which can easily be wiped clean with any type of cloth, paper towel doesn’t matter. And then, align these two dots back up. I’ll show you. So that you make sure that the mouthpiece and the airflow are all ligned up. It should pop back in perfectly. You put the container back in.

And it will slide on to a little screw area so that it’s locked down. Once locked down, it will twist down enough so that this stem piece can go back in, and your Protopipe is back, ready for use.

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