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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

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Wooden Spoon Punishment And Why You Shouldn39t Touch Your Brother39s Stuff

“What the hell, Matt! What was that for?!?” the voice of my little brother bellowed with protest and indignation as he sprang to his feet and clasped the top of his head. I watched him with satisfaction as he franticly tried to distance himself from me and the big wooden spoon in my hand.

“You mean the righteous punishment for your dirty deeds? “I asked in return not trying to hide the huge grin that had taken over my face.

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“What dirty deeds? You are getting crazy, where the hell did you get that?” he pointed accusingly at the big spoon in my hands. It seemed that he was overcoming the initial fright and now was finding new strength in him for protest.

“I will answer both of your questions. The spoon is from a souvenir shop several blocks from my work. And the particular dirty deed? Remember when you came here 1 week ago and asked for a place to stay, because your place was being treated for bedbugs and I said: Ok, Michael my little brother, you could stay as long as you like, but DO NOT touch my stuff? “

“Ahm, yeah Matt, I remember” apprehension was starting to show in the eyes of my little brother. If I have to be honest he was the little one only by age. He was much taller than me and he had the physique of a bodybuilder, and he could probably overpower me whenever he wanted, but he still remained my little brother. The brother I had protected from bullies in grade school and the same one I had locked in the wardrobe for 5 hours when my first girlfriend came to our house one time. So now this giant was watching me and the spoon with worry.


“And what did you do? The first thing you did when I was gone was to try my e-cig right? “

“Uhm, I… what do you mean? “He tried unsuccessfully to sound innocent.

“My favorite black electronic cigarette, my most prized possession the only thing that I will grab when there is a fire in the house, or a tornado or earthquake or when the aliens finally decide to come and harvest our brains. You know, the one that I keep in its pack on which you can read American made electronic cigarette! And when you used it and depleted the nicotine juice you didn't reload it! So last night I had to go search for ecig juice in 11 pm.! You will not touch my stuff, or I will spoon you again.”

“Yes, Matt, sorry I was just curious about it and didn't know how to recharge it, you know how it is.”

I sighed in resignation. The knock with the spoon was punishment enough for him.

“Ok, you fetch the beer I will go order the pizza” just another normal day living with my brother.

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