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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Will Smokeless Cigarette Really Help Smokers Quit

Since nicotine and tobacco are most addictive substances in cigarettes, many smokers become unsuccessful to quit this slow poison. In order to help these “diehard” smokers break this life-threatening habit, electronic cigarettes have been proved as a wonderful invention in the planet for them. But according to a new report of Alere Wellbeing (company which provides tobacco cessation classes and weight loss programs), little amount of evidences in favor of smokeless cigarette cannot prove this device is 100% effective to quit smoking. As per a new report, around one-third world population of smokers tried e-cigarettes with an aim to quit real smoking. This report had surprised at a point by proving about 20% of them failed in their mission.

About Electronic Cigarette

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Electronic Cigarette is an apparatus powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery which releases vaporized nicotine with flavorings to give a satisfying smoking experience to the user. Smokers can choose tobacco flavor to fool their mind as they are smoking a real cigarette. Sometimes they can also choose more fun flavors like chocolate, strawberry or blackberry. The best and most integral part of e-cigarette is that it doesn't contain deadly elements of tobacco and tar as they are present in largest ratio in real cigarettes.

Reviews in favor of E-cigarette

Since one-third population of the world is using e-cigarette, it is true that e-cigarette is really helping them stop consumption of tobacco, according to the statement of researchers. And till date, there has not been any double-blind, comprehensive clinical trial on e-cigarettes.

Alere Wellbeing had done a recent survey on around 2500 people who are smokers and trying hard to quit smoking. They organized a seven-month program of smoking cessation. After seven months period, they asked participants with a questionnaire which was based on the deep analysis of their success stories in quitting cigarettes. In the result, about 30% of the participants used best e cigarettes to quit smoking and 10% of them to reduce tobacco consumption. And they all have given same answer – “E-cigarette really did a great job”. It means this device is really helpful to reduce tobacco consumption and for the improvement of overall well-being.

Bottom Line

This is true that FDA has not yet approved e-cigarette as 100% safe and smoking-leaving aid. They also warned the companies to stop claiming such things. Despite of the FDA's restrictions, e-cigarette is still popular and many smokers are enjoying the vaporized clouds without any worries and restrictions.

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