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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Why Many Prefer Cigarette Holders

Cigarette holder is not just a lengthy tube to smoke in fashion but has many other purposes. Though the design and make of the holder gives the user a more elegant look, it also aids in a delightful smoking without the nicotine stains and foul taste of cigarette smoke.

The yellow spotted stains on the fingers due to nicotine stain have been a distress for many of the lady smokers and the devise of cigarette holders has been a boon to them. Not just that it prevents the nicotine stains by avoiding direct contact of the cigarette and fingers, but also reduces the amount of germs transferred from one end of the cigarette to the smoker's mouth.

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One huge success of the cigarette holders was that it managed to fit into any style or fashion. The makeover from wood, ivory and even silver or gold, and the decoration using precious stones and gems make them splendid and add an elegant touch to the user.

Another healthy benefit was that the cigarette holders reduced the amount of smoke entering the mouth. Less smoke means fewer amounts of irritants like tar and nicotine. Filters for cigarette holders available in the market are yet another health factor for those who are in look out for a safer smoking. The filters are either charcoal or acetate based. Silica gel based filters are also available these days. Silica gel or silica oxide renown for it highly porous surface paves way for a huge surface area for millions of bonding sites that will capture the impurities or chemicals by chemical reactions. The filters are usually disposable .Flavored filters with the flavor of mint; apple or cherry etc is widely accepted as the smoker gets an enhanced experience of smoking by avoiding the pungent cigarette taste.

The cigarette holders are already designed to avoid direct contact of the fingers with the cigarette. However a manual ejection system has been introduced to the make of holders that helps in removing the cigarette after the smoke without actually touching it, added value indeed.

Due to the direct involvement with the cigarette, stains develop in the lips and gums of a smoker. The cigarette holder avoids the direct contact and thereby helps to reduce these stains and discoloration of the lips.

There are four formal standards available for the cigarette holder, Opera, Theatre, Dinner, and Cocktail based on their lengths. And they are ought to be a signature accessory for woman for decades.

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