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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Why Are Clown E Liquid Flavors Healthier Than Tobacco Cigarette Flavors

Hon Like, a Chinese pharmacist, inventor and a chain smoker himself, developed e-cigarette as a measure to curb the menace of smoking. In 2003, his creation came to light in Beijing and the rest is history. The motive behind this development was to create an alternative to tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarette proved to be a perfect one. Created as a smoking cessation aid to gradually quit or minimize nicotine intake and sold as a THR (tobacco harm reduction) product, e-cigarettes have helped more than half a million people to quit smoking. The use of e-cigarettes has become a leisure time activity for some and for the majority of people it is a technique to fight the health concerns linked with smoking.

E-cigarettes on the world map
Though banned in certain countries, e-cigarettes enjoy worldwide endorsement of many researchers from the medical industry. It has established its stronghold among the smokers and is touted to overtake the sale of tobacco cigarettes in the near future.

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The e-cigarettes and related products have an estimated $8billion global market at present. According to a report, U.S is the biggest consumer of e-cigarettes followed by U.K, the second place market. U.K vaping makes up nearly 13 percent of the worldwide sales. The electronic cigarette market is booming by double digits annually while the tobacco cigarettes are witnessing a decline in sale. In 2015, tobacco cigarette companies reported a whopping 2% drop in sales while the vaping industry experienced a 21% increase.

The flavors and the enhanced taste
With absence of tobacco and almost zero nicotine levels, e-cig is the best substitute for tobacco cigarettes. Also, the existence of countless flavors is an added advantage both for the users and the suppliers. Clown e liquid and fifth rank by five pawns are the top trending flavors of the time and for those who find it difficult to adjust with this technique of smoking, the flavors help develop a taste. The freedom and space e-cigarettes offered to the user is the best part of vaping. The scope for experiment is large because one has enough choices to choose from.

The fact that the vaping industry is growing at an unprecedented rate is a testament to its goodness. The passive smokers too are heaving a sigh of relief as the absence of tobacco and thus smoke is a real benefit for them. The online market is the biggest provider of e-cigs and has every kind and flavors associated with vaping.

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