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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

What Is More Harmful To Smoke Hookah Or Cigarettes

Turkish water pipes have been often used not only for its intended smoking purpose, but as a piece of furniture that was designed to emphasize the viability of its owner. These hookahs are usually fabricated using gold and precious stones. Since then, it took about 400 of years, during which time much has changed, no longer hookahs are made of gold, so now to buy this sophisticated tool for smoking can afford practically everyone.

The fact that smoking is harmful to health is known even to the children in the elementary grades. However, it's interesting to find out what provides more harm to the

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body, hookah or cigarettes?
Resins, which we inhale when smoking, gradually accumulate in the body, which subsequently leads to disruption of individual organs. Of course, this does not happen into one moment, but within several years. Smokers will not notice the deterioration of their health and well being up to a certain point. Smokers with great experience, tend to have a dry cough, shortness of breath, heartburn and other symptoms.

Tobacco used in the hookah, contains less nicotine and tar than the one used in cigarettes, but the concentration in it of other harmful substances are much higher. A small proportion of resin is filtered through water, but do not forget that nicotine is all the same in sufficient quantities to the lungs. If we assume that hookah smoking lasts from 30 to 90 minutes, it is easy to conclude whether this is harmful to health.

Scientists who studied the dynamics of cancer found that the composition and structure of the smoke that we inhale when smoking a hookah and cigarettes is almost identical and the content of harmful substances for the organism in hookah smoke is several times higher than into Kool or Winston cigarettes smoke. As a consequence of hookah smoking are more likely to cause heart disease and lung cancer. In addition, our lungs with nicotine and tar get, carbon monoxide, which is released by burning coal.


Some waterpipe advocates confess frequent headaches, tingling in the heart, high blood pressure, and other unpleasant symptoms. Among young people it has become very popular hookah smoking on the gatherings. When sharing the mouthpiece, there is a risk of serious infectious diseases. Solution is to use a disposable mouthpiece, as well as smoking a hookah with friends or just good acquaintances that you are completely sure in.

Registering with cigarette companies puts you in their mailing list and you are bound to receive regular money-saving coupons that you are at liberty to use in buying cigarettes cheaply.

Hookah, as cigarettes, can cause nicotine addiction and the harmful substances contained in its smoke, cause significant harm, but that's not all. Gather with friends for a pleasant conversation, in a comfortable room with soft furnishings in Turkish style, take a few deep drags of flavored tobacco, and pass the mouthpiece to a friend.

All this, besides the main nicotine dependence is related to psychological dependence is also.

Both cigarettes and hookah cause enormous damage to our bodies, but the frequent use of the hookah, can degrade human health much faster than tobacco.

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