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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

What Is A Smokeless Cigarette And What Are Its Benefits

Although many people are aware that smoking is injurious to health, yet they find it extremely difficult to quit smoking. It takes lot of effort, energy, determination and commitment to kick such habits. One way to gradually quit using tobacco in smoking is to switch to a safer alternative such as the electronic cigarettes. The e-cigarette is a smokeless cigarette and is known to be safe for consumption. The product offers similar experience to traditional cigarettes, but they do not cause any adverse affects on your health due to the absence of tobacco or tobacco smoke in them.

What Are Electronic Cigarettes Made Up Of?

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The major components of an electric cigarette include a light cover, an atomizer or the heating element, cartridge and power source such as batteries or a wired USB adapter. The smokeless cigarette is designed to look like a typical cigarette in terms of its appearance and to certain extent to provide similar experience too. It is cylindrical in shape and is powered by a rechargeable battery. Online stores offer reusable as well as disposable e-cigarettes along with a variety of different flavoured liquids and cartridges. As the product is portable in size, it is very easy to carry it around even when you are travelling.

Benefits of Using Smokeless Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are safe because there is no direct burning of tobacco or the release of toxic vapours involved. A traditional cigarette contains numerous ingredients and the action of smoking affects the smoker as well as those around him/her. The smoke released from a tobacco cigarette is highly toxic. None of the traditional cigarettes are free of nicotine or other toxics and neither can smokers choose the flavours they want. In a smokeless cigarette, you can choose flavours without nicotine which is a much safer alternative. Also e-cigarettes do not release any smoke, only a look like vapour is released to give smokers a real smoking experience. However, it does not leave any stinky smell. It does not produce ash and it can also save you money since e-cigarettes are reusable.

What Variety Of Electronic Cigarettes Are Available Online?

Reputed online stores offer a wide variety of electronic cigarettes in different flavours and price range. The different varieties of smokeless cigarette include Apollo, Classic, Eros, Goldstar, Hybris and Zeus. For beginners, these stores offer some good starter kits that include an e-cigarette with a liquid vapour with or without nicotine. You can also purchase e-cigarette accessories, batteries and a large variety of different flavoured refills. Online stores offer these products at very competitive prices and you can avail additional discounts on bulk orders.

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