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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

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Useful Tips And Perfect Mods For Cloud Chasing

For years, people have always been looking for a safe and healthy alternative to smoking regular tobacco-filled cigarettes. Vaping electronic cigarettes has become the safest and better alternative to smoking these days. So much so, that a growing number of users are taking to vaping in the hope of quitting cigarettes. Nowadays, there are plenty of people who enjoy vaping and even more vapers who simply love cloud chasing.

Cloud chasing, also known as “stunt vaping”, is the act of producing biggest vapor clouds possible with electronic hookah or e-cigarette. As more and more vapers are taking to cloud chasing, sometimes huge clouds are not huge enough, and they are always looking for ways to create massive clouds possible. However, at times, it becomes challenging to figure out the perfect vape mods for cloud chasing, particularly if you are new to vaping.

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There are actually three main deciding factors that determine the cloud size. These are – air flow, power supply and conductivity. If even one of these factors are not functioning up to the mark, vapers can not produce the amount of clouds as they desire from e-cigarette. Let's have a look at the mods and other components that are deciding factors for cloud chasing:

Choose mechanical mods or regulated mods?

There are some mods that allow better conductivity than others. The question arises is whether to choose mechanical mods or regulated mods? As far as cloud chasing is concerned, mechanical mods work much better than regulated mods. However, for beginners sturdy regulated mods are the perfect option. While mechanical mods offer better overall performance, they can be tough to handle and operate especially for an amateur vaper who doesn't have too much of an experience.

Moreover, the batteries on mechanical mods should be sturdy enough for cloud chasing. After all, you need good battery power to chase clouds. If the battery is not strong and operating properly, it can explode. Hence the best and the most effective option for beginners is to go for solid regulated system.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that no matter which mechanical mod you choose; it should have sufficient vent holes to ensure proper air flow. If the air flow is interrupted, you won't be able to achieve the clouds you desire.


Apart from mods, there are also other components involved in vaping that impact cloud chasing experience to a great extent. As far as wires are concerned for building coils, there are a wide range of different wire sizes available. When you have to make a choice for a wire, it is important to opt for the wire size that suits you best. Don't get fooled by the idea that only one particular wire size is perfect for cloud chasing. Do experiment and figure out which wire size works best for you.


Another main component to keep in mind for chasing clouds is the battery. Choose a battery that is powerful enough to produce massive clouds. Invest in a high quality, sturdy battery if you are keen to pursue cloud chasing. And remember to choose an e-liquid with higher proportion of VG as compared to PG. If you find e-juice with 100% VG, it is even better for cloud chasing.

Cloud chasing is a skill that you can learn and master over a period of time. With the right electronic hookah and the components, you can achieve the desired results.

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