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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Top 4 Benefits Of Electronic Cigarettes

When electronic cigarettes first hit the market, manufacturers claimed that these devices could help people quit smoking. This was considered to be one of the biggest benefits of e-cigs, but as time has gone by, it has faced a lot of controversy. However, there are many other benefits of using e-cigarettes over traditional tobacco rolls. The top four undisputed advantages have been listed below. Read on to learn about these benefits if you have decided to switch from normal cigarettes to becoming an e-smoker.

Smoke in Prohibited Places

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The ban of tobacco cigarettes in public places has become a rampant trend in many countries around the world. Of course, authorities take such measures to protect the health of non-smokers. This is because the burning tip of a tobacco cigarette produces smoke that is potentially more toxic than that which smokers inhale through the filter. This endangers the health of non-smokers when they are around a burning cigarette.

The good news though with e-cigs is that you can smoke them in prohibited areas. This includes parks, restaurants, airports, and even inside planes. The reason for this is that electronic cigarettes do not produce smoke. Instead, e-cigs gives off vapor after heating nicotine infused e-juice at high temperatures. What makes the mist to look like smoke is the addition of a non-toxic active ingredient known as Propylene Glycol. As such, even places with strict prohibition over tobacco smoking cannot stop you from using an e-cigarette.

Less Exposure to Toxins

The e-liquid contained in electronic cigarettes has fewer toxins than the smoke given off a burning tobacco roll. The combustion process of normal cigarettes produces harmful chemicals such as tar, carbon monoxide and other cancer causing agents. The effect of these chemicals can cause respiratory health problems and even stained teeth. Since e-cigarettes only contain nicotine without harmful toxins, they provide a less risky alternative to smokers. Once nicotine is delivered to the bloodstream, the vapor you exhale from e-cigarettes is 100% toxin free, thus making them safe to use even around other people.

Odorless Vapor

Due to no combustion taking place, electronic cigarettes are odorless. The vapor usually vanishes quickly in the air when exhaled, leaving behind no scent of irritating smoke. The smell free vapor from e-cigs benefits both smokers and non-smokers. This not only means that you can smoke without irritating people who are sensitive to smoke, but e-cigs allow you to get rid deodorants and mint chewing gum used to hide the smell of tobacco smoke.

Cut Back Your Smoking Budget

The initial cost of buying an electronic cigarette is on the high side compared to a traditional cigarette. While this is enough to make some people change their minds about e-cigs, the truth is that they provide users with long term savings. This is especially true with models that come with refillable cartridges, which you simply refill once the e-liquid runs out. In fact, many manufactures have proved this claim by comparing the low cost of using an e-cigarette over a traditional tobacco roll.

With the benefits explained above, there is no question that smokers stand to gain a lot by ditching traditional tobacco cigarettes for e-cigs.

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