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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Tips And Tricks Of Using An ECigarette

If you've decided to make the switch from traditional cigarette smoking to electronic cigarette smoking, you may find the personal vaporizer a little complicated. If your electronic cigarette starter kit looks complex and intimidating, try these tips and tricks for a more comfortable and enjoyable vaping experience.

Test the waters

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You might want to buy a disposable e-cigarette to see if you like it. They are quite cheap and come in many different flavors. If you like the convenience and no-mess benefits e-cigs offer, you can opt for a more expensive rechargeable electronic cigarette. Make sure you invest in a reputed brand which will also give you more choice with regards to atomizers and flavors. Make sure you shop around before you find one that fits your needs and tastes; this is especially applicable for those who are heavy smokers.

Start slow

Once you purchase your e-cig, you'll be tempted to experiment and use it in areas you would have otherwise avoided like in your car, the park or your house. But it is highly recommended that you start with a low nicotine dose. You can do so by choosing the right cartridge which comes in various dosages – high, medium, low or no-nicotine.

Increase vapor volume

With e-cigs, you may have to take slow, but longer puffs to get the most vapor volume. However, don't take excessively long puffs that may in turn overheat the atomizer. Beware, short and quick puffs may clog the atomizer and sometimes even get liquid in your mouth. Atomizers tend to get clogged , so make sure you clean and replace them frequently. This however, is not applicable to electronic cigarettes that come with cartridges that have a built-in atomizer.

Battery maintenance

Invest in an electronic cigarette that comes with a good battery which has a high capacity. This will ensure that you can take longer puffs and in turn get a higher vapor volume. A good battery will ensure a longer battery life before a recharge. Also make sure that you charge the battery; low battery will mean low vapor production and low satisfaction.

Experiment with E-Liquids

Once you are comfortable with using an electronic cigarette, try different e-liquid brands. You can research on a couple of e-liquid reviews or e-cig forums before trying them. Make sure you read the contents of the e-liquid before your purchase as they can vary with brands.

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