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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

The Red Ribbon Week 2013 Dates Activities For Motivating Youth

All of us know the harmful effects of smoking. It is not merely harmful to any lesser extent but it takes lives. Smoking has come up as the single largest 'killer' in the world today. Smoking causes hundreds of diseases in man. Millions die each year worldwide as a result of smoke. It has acquired dangerous proportions all over the world. It is one of the causes for the deadly cancer which has large chunks of population within its grip. But it is not that mankind is simply not doing anything. There are a number of initiatives being taken by various organizations throughout the world. For example, the red ribbon week, which is organized yearly and works for the benefit of smokers. Similar were the red ribbon week 2013 dates activities, which focus at eliminating tobacco use from the society. The aim of the program is to eradicate the evil of drugs from mankind. The activities are targeted at drug. The process of smoking could be two pronged. One attempt could be on prevention and the other, cure.

Smoking could be prevented by proactive action. Programs such as the red ribbon week 2014 are expected to be great success in this direction. There could be an aggressive campaign against glowing throughout the country. Under this, the young age group is targeted. These programs are conducted at the school level. As the schools are 'nurseries' for beginning glowing, they should be tackled at that level. The idea of dealing with the problem of drug at the beginner level is the most effective. We have seen the success of great American smokeout 2013 and have all the reason to believe that there would be success in future as well. Under the anti-tobacco campaign, youngsters are targeted so that the habit of smoking does not take roots at all. This pre-emptive approach has paid rich dividends to the society and the organizers in its effort to eradicate tobacco. For the purpose of eliminating smoking number of programs are conducted at various places all over the country. The success of these programs has encouraged various organizers to conduct more of such programs. As the results of the promotional campaigns are encouraging, we could hope and expect more in the future.

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The second part is the stop-smoking programs. These kinds of programs are aimed at active smokers. This is for discouraging smokers from smoking. It is targeted at making them quit smoke at the earliest. This program has also been a major success throughout the country. Thousands of people have successfully quit smoking as a result of these programs. They have learnt the deadly results of smoking and quit smoking on their own.

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