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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Some Common Vape Misconceptions Held By People That Keep Them Smoking

It is quite evident that smoking does so much harm to our body. Vaping or use of e- cigarettes is a positive substitute for people who are seasonal smokers or are habitual of smoking. As many people have pre-conceived notions about this technique, they fear of practicing this technique. This article will debunk several myths related to this technique and bring the real facts about it.

E-Liquids Are Highly Damaging

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This is the most common myth used by non-vapers who are unaware about vaping. E-liquid contains only three or four such as propylene glycol, natural or artificial food grade flavours, vegetable glycerine, and nicotine. These items are fully approved for human consumption by the FDA.

E-Liquid Gives You Popcorn Lung

Many people believe that vaping results into popcorn lungs. They believe it to be due to the presence of diacetyl in them. The truth is that the amounts of diacetyl found in these liquid is in very insignificant amounts to what is actually present in regular cigarettes. The average amounts of diacetyl present in e-liquids are vaper is nine micrograms while it is 6,718 micrograms in an average smoker. Such small quantities of diacetyl can never lead to popcorn lungs.

Vaping results into same damage as smoking cigarettes

The first and foremost thing is that E-liquid contains only four ingredients as compared to the thousands of different types of chemicals found in normal cigarettes. A vaper can exhibit sound body functioning that is destroyed due to regular smoking. As far as smoking cigarettes are concerned, people who smoke exhibit high blood pressure and increased heart rate to those who do vaping.

E-cigarettes cause more addiction than regular cigarettes

People in the UK who do not smoke have this misconception that use of vapor tanks UK will make them addicted to them. As per the research, there is clear evidence that the nicotine found in e- cigarettes is very less than what is present in normal cigarettes. Such low level of cigarettes can't make a person addictive. In fact, physical cigarettes are addictive as they contain so much chemicals, toxins and other harmful agents in them.

I am sure this article has made it quite clear that the myths and negative opinions regarding vaping are baseless and false. So it is a wise idea not to fall for the lies! If you are a smoker but wishing for a perfect healthier alternative, then switch to vaping today!!

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