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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Smokers Hovered By The Issue Of E Cigarette Safety

Years of anti smoking laws, smoking bans and increased health consciousness among Americans has meant that more and more number of smokers are now taking the help of quit smoking aids. A large number of smokers still remain who are not looking for a way to quit but are seeking to replace the tobacco cigarettes with something better. One device that is certainly considered to be the best as an alternate is smokeless cigarette.

E smoking doesn't involve the combustion of tobacco, hence no tobacco smoke, since there is no burning of tobacco, there is not tar formed. There are many chemicals which are formed just due to burning of tobacco, they can be eliminated and also the smoke is effectively replaced by vapor which doesn't smell like a conventional cigarette. There are flavored e liquids which can enhance the e smoking experience of a vapor.

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Are smokeless cigarettes safe? The question has a clear answer, No, anything that has chemicals in whatever form is not safe, e cigarette has nicotine, and so, it cannot be called safe but Are e cigarettes better? Yes, of course. Electronic cigarette have not yet gotten FDA verdict on them but smokers around the world are switching to this alternative, hence, improving the smoking habit and upgrading smoking it to E Smoking.

The FDA e cigarette regulation have not come yet and in absence of any regulations and no scientific proof about the good or bad of vapor cigarette, the question remains unanswered as to how should a smoker perceive an e cigarette. If you want to quit smoking, you don't need an alternate; you need an aid, so pick one which suits you. But if you have smoked for years, have tried many smoking cessation aids and you feel that you just want to switch to something better and not quit smoking altogether then e cigarette should be your pick. Though not completely safe, e cigarette still have a lot less number of toxins than the regular cigarettes theoretically. E smoking can also be made enjoyable since they can be customized, the flavors, the nicotine strength, the accessories, it can all be varied, hence you are not switching to something that is only better but something that is more improved and enhanced.

Till now, no causality has been reported which can be reasoned with the use of smokeless cigarette (ignoring the cases where dog swallow e liquid, of course he wasn't meant to) and there were cases reported where e cigarette battery blasted due to overcharging but there are also cases where phone batteries have blasted, yet again due to overcharging that too using an iPad charger, the common factor seems to be people who don't know when to pull the plug off or who have the wrong charger in place (just saying).

Anyhow, nobody is ever going to say that e cigarette are healthy or e cigarette are good for you but they are indeed the best thing you can replace the notorious and evil tobacco cigarette with. Even after year of anti smoking lobbyist trying hard, cigarettes are sold all over America, highly publicized, if not through TV, then through other means. Vapor cigarette have been well received by many smokers as an alternate and many claim to have been helped by it.

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