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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Quitting Smoking Tips What To Expect The First 7 Days

Whenever you view around on the internet looking for handy helpful hints that could help you learn how to quit smoking bewarned that you could be spending hours going through a lot of crappy contents. I've personally collected all of the best quit smoking tips available online and I have also implemented some of them myself in the past to test which I've found very helpful. Have a look at the below tips and see which ones works best for you.

Quit Smoking Tip #1: Cut Back on Smoking Progressively

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If you are the type that smokes like a chimney on a daily basis then its best not to ever try and give up so quickly by cutting down more then half everyday. Set yourself a goal that is manageable to give up gradually. Try cutting out 1 cigarette a day every 3-4 days. Load up all the cigarettes you will be smoking for the day in *1* pack and have that be your sole source of cigarettes for that day. As time goes by, you will slowly and gradually see the outcome of your hard work and gradually you will advance to another level to suceed in quitting to smoke.

Quit Smoking Tip #2: Tell your Friends and Family of your Quit Smoking Plan

The more people you tell about how you're embarking on a journey to quit smoking the better. This creates accountability and will boost your self-confidence tremendously. When you are accounted for the actions that you have advised everyone of then more likely you will proceed to take actions and suceed.You're more than likely to accomplish your goals when more people around you are aware of you goals and likely to help you to achieve that. This will only boost your pride to follow through the plans that you have made and puts a huge responsibility on you to take actions and further increases your mentality to accomplish your action plans.

Quit Smoking Tip #3:Take it Slowly Day to Day = Results

If you focus on quitting smoking for good, you will only overwhelm yourself. You should never try to run before you can walk. Instead you should learn to take things slowly and you will see better results gradually as the days goes by.Always re-assess yourself on a daily basis or do it every week.Assess yourself each day or week to see how much you have given up so far. If you have implemented the above tips of giving up smoking then you know exactly how much cigarettes you have given up so far and hopefully cuts your cost os buying cigarettes.

If for any reason you did not follow through or see any progress, don't loose hope. As a matter of fact if you are even considering taking actions towards your quit smoking days means that you are already taking drastic measures to give up and progress will begin anytime soon. You should always re-assess yourself after implementing these tips on a weekly basis and even if you don't suceed just never give up and see it through because it takes time for eveything to work.

The above tips are really wrothwhile to carry out if you care about yourself. You should just not READ but actually make an effort to give it go. Take action as soon as possible today. Get out a pen and paper right now, yes now, and take 10 minutes to write down your own personal cutting back plan. Once you are finished, explain this plan to at least one other person, then set it in motion by getting out a cigarette pack and placing your daily allowance of cigarettes for the following day. Put that packet of cigarette away and ensure to stick to that packet each and everyday for as long as you could. Stop reading and start writing down as much as you can and tell the world about it and TAKE ACTIONS.

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