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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Quitting Smoking Can Be Achieved With A Little Help From Electric Cigarettes

When someone reaches the realization that they have absolutely no alternative if they want to preserve their health but to give up smoking they know that they will be facing a long and lonely path, and not even the most sympathetic members of their family and friends can understand the discomfort that withdrawal from nicotine can bring.

What a lot of people don't realize is that someone who had been smoking heavily for maybe twenty or thirty years will find the sudden withdrawal from nicotine as difficult as any other form of addiction and the “cold turkey” that goes along with it,

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When the medical profession first began to discover that smoking brings with it some very serious dangers to health around fifty years ago, they really had nothing to offer in the way of an alternative, simply because it did not feel it was their responsibility. They suddenly came across with the message that smoking is bad for you and you need to quit smoking.

As is always the case there are people who are better blessed with willpower than others, and many of these people manage to quit smoking, now without suffering some discomfort, but also without the help of any artificial aids. There are others who find that going it alone was too high a mountain to climb, and they needed some help.

A number of companies in the private sector came up with some reasonable alternatives for people who want to either quit smoking or at least cut down dramatically on their daily cigarette intake. The first solution, which proved to be less than successful, was for a smoker to attach what were called nicotine patches to their body. The patches were intended to provide withdrawing smokers with a regular dose of the drug without all of the harmful effects of inhaling smoke into their lungs. The problem with nicotine patches was that it was rapidly discovered to be very difficult to control the dosage. Another suggested solution was chewing gum with nicotine added, which was also found to be not quite what the doctor ordered, as was the case with nicotine sprays, that also was tried and found wanting.

It was only till some bright spark came up with the suggestion that while all these other methods of were giving the cigarette lover their daily dose of nicotine in one form or another, they were missing out on one very important factor.

That the smoker has gotten used to the feel of a cigarette in their hand. Once the penny dropped, it was only a matter of time till the first electric cigarettes first began to appear on the market, and they have found to be, by far and away, the nearest thing to a real cigarette, but without all of its health damaging characteristics. The latest versions of the electric cigarette, or more accurately battery operated, has the capacity to release the flow of nicotine at the rate that the “smoker” decides, giving them the best possible scenario for finding a replacement for the traditional cigarette and a way forward for saving their health.

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