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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

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Quitting Smoking And Pregnancy

When it comes to pregnancy and smoking, it is usually the mother's decision whether or not to quit smoking. Although pregnancy should be a strong motivation to quit smoking, not all mothers take this route. This has negative health implications for the baby in the womb, while it also exposes the mother to pregnancy complications such as the abnormal implantation of one's placenta. Given that pregnancy is all about creating a new life, then it would be reasonable to preserve such a life to the end. If you are pregnant and still smoking, this article is aimed at informing you why you should quit smoking during pregnancy.

To begin with, you need to realize that the baby depends on you as the mother for everything. Oxygen and nutrients are transmitted to the baby through the placenta, which connects you with your baby. Whenever you smoke, you expose your baby to the toxins in the tobacco smoke, which have various effects on the baby. One of the effects is that smoking tends to reduce the amount of oxygen in your blood. Since your baby relies on you for oxygen, this means that your baby's oxygen supply is also reduced. The toxins in the tobacco smoke also deprive the placenta of nutrients, thus your baby will be deprived of nourishment. Given that you have decided to have a baby, then it means that you also want the best for that baby. This should encourage you to quit smoking, so that you can enable your baby to have a healthy life after birth.

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The other reason why you should quit smoking while pregnant is that your baby may be born with various complications. Your baby is likely to born prematurely, in addition to having a low birth weight. Owing to prolonged exposure to cigarette smoke, babies tend to have a poor lung function, thus are prone to developing respiratory problems. Indeed, most of the babies born by smoking mothers are usually prone to asthma and bronchitis from an early age. Further, the reduced oxygen in the baby's blood may damage the baby's brain, and have far reaching implications for your baby's life after birth. If you quit smoking therefore, you can greatly help to enhance the quality of your baby's life.

It is important to note that the aim of this article is not to condemn, but rather, to point out the reasons why you should quit smoking while pregnant. Moreover, the reason you could still be smoking is because you have been unable to quit smoking. However, you should not give up on yourself. The best place to begin would be to list the benefits to you and your baby if you quit smoking. This will strengthen your resolve, since your decision will be based on a specific goal. The next step will be to get a strong support system as you seek to kick your habit. Have someone you can call when you are on the verge of smoking, which can really make a difference. Whenever the urge to smoke comes upon you, consult your list and remind yourself why you must quit smoking.

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