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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Performance Indicators And Selection Method Of Electronic Cigarette

The first big advantage of e-cigarette: to eliminate fire hazards. Many big fires are caused by in the non-smoking section using conventional cigarettes, even happened in the forest was destroyed, or houses were burned up, cause the case example. We get the conclusion that the cigarette fire, but can make smokers do not smoke? Actually smokers can smoke, as long as the use of e-cigarettes, there would be no fire hazard, mini eCigs and cigarette shape is similar, but do not need to burn, also the halogen-light. Therefore, the use of e-cigarettes, would never start a fire.

The second big advantage, e-cigarettes can make smokers healthier. We know that the traditional cigarette is of great harm to human body. Traditional cigarette smoke contains more than 4000 toxic chemicals, cigarette these toxic substances on the human body organs and blood vessels will cause great damage. Conventional cigarettes is devastating cannot stop the harm of human body. Now the invention of eCigs, so that half of the smokers smoke, also won't produce harm to the body, greatly reduce the incidence of the smokers a variety of diseases, including heart disease, cancer, chronic inflammation, such as health of smokers, smokers can live longer, making eCigs there will be no second-hand smoke, protect the health of the smokers family and friends.

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Performance Indicators of the health electronic cigarette

  1. Weight of the inhalation: refers to breathe smoothly or not when smoke e-cigarette, in general, good electronic cigarettes inhale more smoothly, compared with the feeling of real cigarette closer;
  2. Smoke volume: each suction to the smoke volume enough or not, in general, good electronic cigarette smoke volume is bigger;
  3. The battery life: generally battery used time longer, the quality of battery better.
  4. The atomizer life: at present, some counterfeit eCig products atomizer is very easy to damage, the damage of the atomizer also has relationship with improper use.
  5. The capacity of the smoke bomb: generally refers to the bigger capacity of smoke bombs, the greater technical content.

Selection method of electronic cigarettes

First, smoke volume. The whole design in the construction of the electronic cigarette, the intake air flow channel. Excellent electronic cigarette design can guarantee the smoke volume is larger, then can guarantee the quantity of smoke is stable.

Second,length of time battery used. Batteries associated with atomizer, liquid atomization requires a lot of power, so the service life of the battery and full charge using the length of time is a measure of an electronic cigarette is good or not.

Third, the appearance of e-cigarettes. Good product looks fresh and strict design, exquisite workmanship, can give people a kind of pleasure, help to quit smoking successfully.

Fourth, taste. Now mainly taste is Marlboro and ego which original is for the foreigners. Taste is the defect of eCigs, but in recent years the domestic pay more and more attention to electronic cigarettes. Taste is more close to true tobacco, such as Zhonghua, tobacco flavors are close to true. And mint taste and flue-cured tobacco, fruit flavors general ms is preferred. And in good health!

Five, after-sales. This is an important part of e-cigarettes. Many poor quality electronic cigarettes without any after-sales.

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