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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Nicmaxx Finally An Electronic Cigarette E Cig That Really Tastes Feels And Delivers

Since the introduction of the Electronic Cigarette, many have breathed a sigh of relief. For those of us who are smokers, we finally have a product that delivers nicotine in a much better way. For those of us who are not, we finally can see progress and a solution to the annoying smell that they bring and a solution to the second hand smoke problem. Their introduction to the market in 2003 has caused many smokers to jump up and down for joy. That is, until smokers started to complain of their lack of nicotine delivery and a flavor that “was close, but no cigar. “In their never ceasing attempt to deliver the best Electronic Cigarette (E-cig) on the market, inLife has developed NicMaxx, a powerful Electronic Cigarette that many are calling “the E-cig that works better than a cigarette.”

NICMAXX is inLife's trademarked brand of Electronic Cigarette and offers the closest flavor match to a real cigarette. A vast majority of other Electronic Cigarettes (E-cigs) offered on the market today provide a product that lacks both in flavor emulation of a real cigarette and lacks in nicotine delivery with levels of nicotine at 16mg/ml (or 1.6%). NICMAXX provides a stronger nicotine offering of 35mg/ml (or 3.5%) and is formulated to be what many are calling the perfect match in flavor and experience to a real cigarette. NICMAXX provides smokers with excellent flavor and the satisfying, immediate effects of nicotine (or the “hit”) they desire. inLife describes our NICMAXX Electronic Cigarette brand to be “The first cigarette…that is electronic!”

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“It has not been difficult to gain market share with our new NICMAXX brand,” claims inLife Operations Manager, Tom Kiklas. “NICMAXX is proving to be preferred 3 to 1 over other Electronic Cigarettes (E-cigs) offered on the market today. We simply approach smokers who shop at smoke shops or who we catch smoking on the street and ask them if they have ever tried the electronic cigarette. Some say yes and admit that other brands have left them lacking in flavor and nicotine delivery. We then ask them to try NICMAXX they usually share the same reaction with the words “”Wow”” or “Now that's good.” Actual, random taste tests and testimonials can be viewed by visiting sellecig.com.

For more information regarding the Electronic Cigarette (E-cig), visit sellecig.com or contact inLife, LLC at leaders@myinlife.com

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