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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

My Road To The Electronic Cigarettes

Being a smoker is connected with many things. The type of family environment in which you grew up, your friends, your work and probably a hundred other things. I know for sure that the initial reason for me taking up smoking was stress.

I grabbed my first cigarette just 2 days before my first midterms, since then anytime I had found myself in a stressful situation I was followed by puffs of smoke. Of course my family was against it (no one is smoking back home) and so were most of my friends. But when everything seems ok with your health despite the fact that you are smoking you don't bother with thinking about the consequences.

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But a few years back after I broke my leg in a accident I decided that I should better be informed about all the potential health hazards I could encounter ( I also had a lot of free time, because I was forced to stay home). After the 3rd day I spent reading health magazines and checking related internet sites I was convinced that it was about time to stop smoking …and to avoid bacon.

Both things were more easily said than done. I tried a lot of times to reduce the number of cigarettes I smoked and then to cut smoking altogether, well it didn't work. The longest period I endured was only 1 week. I had almost given up home, but one day I while I was browsing the internet I noticed a commercial about a new way of smoking, that wasn't actually harming you like normal cigarettes.

To be more precise it wasn't smoking, but “vaping”. And you do that by using an electronic cigarette. I was really skeptical at first. I mean it sounded too good to be true. But after several months of deliberating I decided to order my first e-cig starter kit.

And surprisingly it really worked out for me, not that it was something easy to do at first. As it turned out there is quite the big community of vapors out there. People who are ready to give you advice and to support you congregate in forums specifically created for smokers trying to switch to e-cigs.

And for any smoker out there who is trying to kick out the this bad habit and to take a better care for himself, my advice is to never give up and if everything else seems to fail, try and e-cig.

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