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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

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Montecristo Cigars At Its Finest

Montecristo is one of the finest brands of cigar that is produced only in Cuba. The name was the cigar was from the novel of Alexander Dumas – The Count of Monte Cristo. Cuban cigar in general is the world's finest cigar. Cigar enthusiasts from all over the world want to have a piece of this type cigar at one point in their lives. This may not be true to U.S cigar enthusiasts because of the embargo. Yet they can have the chance to buy this type of cigar, outside US or buy those that are pre-embargo cigars, which cost dearly.

Be Careful for Fake Montercristo Cigars

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You may not believe it, but there are counterfeit Cuban cigars all over. The popularity of this brand is enormous despite its expensive cost that is why there are swindlers from all over, trying to take advantage of the naive buyers. This particular brand is already being faked. How to spot the real from the fake? Here's how;

Look for inconsistencies – even if you are well versed with how the Montecristo cigar looks like; you can always Google it and get accessed to the original product. In here, you need to look at the logo; this cigar has a triangle composed of six swords, which surrounds the fleur-del-lis (a lily). Take a closer look and compare your purchased product.

Smells It – in here you need to have knowledge of how a Cuban cigar smells like. The absence of it means your cigar is a fake. The scent of a Cuban cigar is pleasant and distinctive. It doesn't fade away that fast, it stays for long, even after you close the box.


Look at the colors and shapes – when you scrutinized the box, be keen on the color and shape, it has to be the same. Any consistent in those features means otherwise. Look at the cap; it should be the same as well.

Price – this could be one of the alert signs that you should take notice. If the price is low, then have doubts, Cuban cigars are not cheap. For Montecristo, you can buy in 3 packs at roughly (6.85CUC) each, Partagas at (PSD4 6.05CUC, Lusitania at (8.80CUC) and on. These prices may have changed now, but you can get a figure.

The Safest Way to Buy Montecristo Cigars

There are a lot of suppliers who are actively engaging in selling and shipping Cuban cigars from all over. How to become a partner needs enough time and research to protect your investment. When choosing the best suppliers, you over to their official website and assess. Check for reviews and other comments. You can read all of these when you read different review platforms. You may also call the supplier just to know whether they really exist.

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