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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Mini Electronic Cigarettes Enjoy A Happy Vaping

People know the harmful effects of smoking, which may eventually take them to ill health and finally death. Still they can't curb this habit because they are addicted to the nicotine present in tobacco. Out of 100 smokers, there are only 2% to 3 % of people who are successful in smoking cessation trials. Though there are many cessation methods available in the market, they serve only the cessation needs of the smokers, but the recreational needs are never met. But e-cigs instead, serves both recreational and cessation strategies. Moreover, they help in curbing the habit. Today there are many types of e-cigs available from 95mm e- cigs to mini electronic cigarettes in the market. The first mini e-cigarette to hit the market shelves are DSE-901 series.

The mini electronic cigarettes are well-designed small cigarettes, which mimic the real tobacco cigarettes. They leave out the same mouthful of nicotine vapor to fulfill the nicotine urge of the smokers. They can be drawn easily and they have many benefits when compared to the traditional cigarettes. Unlike real cigarettes, they are easy to use, and handy; the cartridges supply high level of vapor in different flavors.

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There are two types of mini e-cigs available in the market: one is mini e-cigs and the other is super mini e-cigs. Mini electronic cigarettes are approximately 11.5 cm long and are midsized in-between Penstyle and Super mini e-cigs. They hold mini battery which can hold less charge, less cartridge capacity of holding .5 ml of e-liquid capable of providing 55-70 puffs, which are equal to 5 to 6 traditional tobacco cigarettes.

The Super mini e-cigs are 10mm long and they are the tiniest of all 3 models. The puny batteries can hold very little charge and cartridges can hold very little liquid of .3ml to supply 20 to 30 puffs which are equal to one to three tobacco cigarettes. Supermini e-cigs are the best choice for the people who are using e-cigs for the first time.

This revolutionary atomizer technology helps the smokers to curb the craving for tobacco cigarettes and is the safest way to quit smoking. The other advantages of e-cigs are they are smoke free, odor free and stain free. You can smoke them anywhere at anytime. Most of all, unlike tobacco cigarettes there are no hazardous substances apart from the nicotine present in e-cigs. You can choose your best suitable type from mini electronic cigarettes to e-pipes or e-cigars and enjoy a healthy vaping.

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