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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Main Factor Which Drop Down The Sales Of Tobacco Cigarettes

Tobacco Industry, billion dollar industry is suffering the bad impacts of Electronic Cigs. Recent news shows that the sales of tobacco cigarettes are going down the Graph as this Electronic Cig has hit the market as the great alternative. It is the one of the hottest thing to be picked these days.

As per the e cigarette reviews, it is found that the main reason behind the declination of sales in Tobacco cigarettes is Electronic Cigarettes. These days the sales of smokeless cigs has risen to the unbelievable heights. Smokers are swapping to this Smoking alternative at rapid rate.

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But what is Electronic Cig, a device which can be used to replace tobacco cigarettes or can say, it helps Smokers to control their Smoking Habit. It contains Nicotine liquid, an e cigarette battery which heat up the Nicotine liquid into Vapors. These E Cig only create Vapors, not a mark of Smoke which is considered as the plus point for this device. Smokers are enjoying this Vapor Smoking as it provides them the same Smoking Experience as tobacco cigarettes and is considered to be less harmful than real cigarettes.

More factors which drop down the sales of Tobacco Cigarettes are Excise Tax and Smoking Ban in Public areas. As Tobacco cigarettes produce second hand smoke which can harm other people who inhaled that smoke, Government has banned Smoking in almost all public areas like Airports, Restaurants, and Hospitals etc. The Court has also increased the Taxes on Tobacco Cigarettes. These Factors has drop down the sales of real cigarettes. Now Smokers prefer to Smoke Electronic Cig as it is still not banned to smoke in public areas and it allows your health to be risk free.

Due to sales drop, big tobacco companies like Imperial tobacco and Marlboro has decided to come in the market of E Cigarette Industry. They will soon launch their products in the market to make some profit from this industry. On the other hand, V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarettes, the leader of Electronic Cigarette industry at present has also collaborated with National Tobacco Company, the big name in United States with an approach to expand its business worldwide.

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