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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

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Learn How Smokeless Cigarette Laws Are Unregulated

Smokeless Cigarette has proven to be a hit with smokers, and this has led major tobacco companies to purchase many e cigarette manufactures. This is due to the fact that many people are taking up the use of it as opposed to traditional cigarettes. This is also because these are much healthier than traditional cigarettes. It is important to note that the explosion of e-cigs has proven to be quite a huddle to law enforcers. Therefore, let us go through the laws around and how they are unregulated.

The UK has very strong laws regulating smoking. The main aim of these laws is to protect people from the hazards of smoking, most importantly the public who do not smoke. This is what led to the law that prohibits smoking cigarettes in public places. Secondary smokers, people who are not smoking but are near smokers, are the most vulnerable. Public places like the train station do not permit smoking. Traditional cigarettes usually release tar when inhaled, and this is the most potent toxin that is responsible for most respiratory illnesses caused by smoking.

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However, Smokeless Cigarettes have proven to be quite difficult to regulate because their mode is much different from traditional cigarettes. This is mainly because it does not release harmful toxins when it comes to exhaling; instead they usually release water, which is very safe. Also, the rate at which the market share of e-cigs is rising has made it difficult for law enforcers to keep track. Since it have not health risks associated with them, they have become very difficult to regulate. This challenge has also been compounded by the fact that major tobacco companies, which have strong lobby influence, are buying it manufacturers in an unprecedented rate.

Canada has come up with a health advisory aimed at users of Smokeless Cigarettes, warning them of the effects of nicotine addiction and poisoning. There are no rules prohibiting the sale and use in Canada. This precarious legal position has confounded many people, since most it have to be imported in the country under the radar. This has made it very difficult for authorities to fully control the use of ecigs in Canada, thus they remain largely unregulated.

The EU has a vague, general law that makes it very difficult to regulate the use of Smokeless Cigarette in the area. This law provides for preventive measures to be taken only when health concerns have been raised. This has subsequently given member countries the autonomy to choose how they would like to regulate the use of e cigarettes. This has in effect led to many inconsistent laws on regulation in the EU.

In the US, the regulating authorities are in a limbo as well as to which approach they should use in regulating Smokeless Cigarette. This is due to the fact that each state has different approaches and laws on regulating e cigs. All in all, it has proven to be very difficult to regulate, and their ever growing popularity is not helping matters.

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