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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

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How To Use A Pipefilter Correctly

The Pipe filter usage is an ongoing topic of discussion among the pipe savvy's. While most of standards being used in the pipe manufacturing industry in UK describe the pipe filters to be an indispensable part, most of the US smokers are not really interested in a pipe with the filter for many reasons that they experienced.

However, according to the researches done in this area, pipe with pipefilter is shown to reduce the harmful irritants from reaching the smokers mouth. Once assembled, the smoke from the bowl travels through the shank, goes around the filter, then via the stem and finally into the mouth. There are different types of pipe filters available depending on the type of filter being used or the method of filtering being used. They differ in size, cost, assembly, and efficiency – determined by factors such as smoking habits, types and cuts of tobacco, and bowl size. The pipe filters aids in a cool and dry smoke, which is an enhanced experience for the smoker.

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There are quite few things that you need to be aware in smoking with a pipe with pipe filter. First and foremost, cleanliness of the pipe is very important to avoid many diseases including mouth cancer or gum cancer. Pipe filter usage is said to reduce the harmful effects of smoking to an extend, however, if the pipe filter itself is not clean or prone to continuous usage results in adverse situations.

Pipe filters using activated charcoal, balsa wood or even paper filters are recommended to be changed or removed after every smoke. It would be bizarre to use a dirty filter rather than using no filter at all! Also, it is good to avoid wet smoking as the chance of tobacco juices getting up your mouth is higher.

Pipes designed to use pipe filter are to be smoked either with the filter or with an adapter.

Moisture will condensate in the empty space and settled into the shank, resulting in the shank to swell and finally might end with a cracked shank or a loose mouthpiece. And it's quite difficult to repair this.

A bowl filter can be used if the pipe is a standard one in which the passage through the shank will be very narrow to accommodate a paper filter or a balsa wood.

Since the pipe filter absorbs considerable amount of moisture, it is suggested to replace them when it becomes moist, or else it might give foul flavor to the smoke.

And yes, for some cheaper brands of tobacco, using pipe filter, will remove a considerable amount of oily and foul tasting tar. You will have a good experience even with the cheap brands! Only with some mild flavors, they are said to steal some of the taste.

Pipes that as paper filters have minute paper baffles that can be crushed if a pipe cleaner is run through them. It will compromise the ability of the pipe filter to block the irritants.

Most important of the facts would be not to reuse the pipe filter.

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