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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

How To Tackle Common E Cigarette Problems Effortlessly Read This Guide

Frustrated that your e-cigarette doesn't work? Wondering what you could possibly be doing wrong? Don't fret, in most cases it could be something really simple that you could fix in a jiffy. Most of the issues you may face with your device aren't cause for concern and can be resolved with just a few steps. We have gathered few common problems that vapers may face – and how to resolve them.

Less Vapor/ No Vapor

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Is the volume of vapor less than usual? Check the e-liquid level inside your cartridge and ensure battery is adequately charged. Screw the cartridge properly to the battery.

Is your cartridge brand new? The air passage may be blocked. Put the LED end of the battery in your mouth (1/2 to 1 inch) and blow hard a few times. Smoke will come out from the cartridge's other side. You can then start using the device normally.

Regular maintenance is also important for optimum vapor. Clear any clogged up dirt remains between the battery and atomizer. The area around the battery connector, i.e. the connection plates, should be cleaned by twisting a soft paper towel and toothpick or a Q-tip. Use circular motion to remove any residue and particles.

Battery Not Functioning/ Short Battery Life

Clean the battery terminal with cotton, soft tissues or alcohol wipes; also clean the clearomizer thread. Make sure the battery is properly connected to the clearomizer.

If the battery light stays on and doesn't go off, remove from atomizer and carefully pat the battery LED side on a countertop. Take the battery out, inhale and exhale from it gently.

If your battery is not working at all, keep it out for a day at room temperature (24 degree Celsius) with the terminal face side down, and then try charging it again.

Burnt Taste

Check for the level of E-Liquid in your cartridge. Make sure the cartridge is not screwed on too tight.

It could be that you are using your vaporizer immediately after filling up E-juice. Leave the device for around five minutes for the e-liquid to soak in completely. Once it has been soaked into the wick and the atomizer, start using the device.

Device Leaking/ Atomizer Flooded/ E-Liquid in the mouth

Finding e-Liquid in your mouth or on your hands while drawing on your vaporizer? Is your device leaking e-juice from the bottom or giving out gurgling sounds?

Try blowing gently through the mouthpiece (drip tip) of the atomizer while holding a wad of paper towels against the other end. When the atomizer stops making the gurgling noises, put all the components back together. Refrain from screwing the components too tight or too loose.

For a leaking clearomizer, disassemble the E-Cigarette. Run the clearomizer under warm water and let it dry for a day (24 hours). If this problem is frequent, you may have to get a new clearomizer.

Ensure the battery always has enough charge.

No Flavor/ Flavor Too Strong:

If you are not able to enjoy the flavor of the e-juice, blow gently through the clearomizer two or three times. This will help to release the flavor better. Drink more water to avoid dry mouth; this is also one of the causes of poor flavor experiences.

If the flavor is too strong for you, switch to a different flavor or mix it with a lighter flavor.

Bonus tips:

  • Don't draw hard and quickly on your E-Cigarette. This may damage the parts or cause e-juice to leak into your mouth. Pull slowly for a longer time to get better vapor.
  • Clean all components regularly for optimal performance of your vaporizer.
  • Store cartridges on a horizontal surface for lengthy periods of time, to avoid possible leakages. Do not leave cartridges open, keep them covered with rubber caps.
  • Use the right chargers with your batteries. Using different chargers than the ones provided, or incompatible chargers, will damage the battery.
  • Use these simple solutions to solve your common e-cig problems and you will be back vaping in no time! Remember, e-cigarettes (like any other electronic product) go through wear and tear and require regular upkeep to function appropriately.
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