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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

How To Stop Smoking Following Simple Tips Foolproof Method

It is undeniable that cigarette addiction becomes more common each day, however its harmful effects on health have caused its dependents to seek freedom from addiction, thinking in this context follow some tips to stop smoking, include the definition of personal goals such as:


  • Set date
  • Throw away objects

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    • Avoid smelling smoke

    Tip 1 – Set a Time to Quit Smoking

    It is critical to set a date or time to completely quit smoking within 30 days of quitting.

    For example, on May 1 you can plan and visualize new life without smoking and determine the last possible day to quit smoking, such as May 30, or set a meaningful day, such as finishing a course, having a new job Or finishing a packet, for example it becomes more motivating and easier to start.

    Tip 2 – Remove cigarette related objects

    To stop smoking you should start by taking home and work all cigarette related objects, such as ashtrays, lighters, or old cigarette packs.

    Tip 3 – Avoid the smell

    Another important tip is to avoid the smell of cigarettes, so you should wash clothes, curtains, sheets, towels and any other object that may smell of cigarettes. Also, avoiding places where they are smoking is also advisable due to the smell of smoke.

    Tip 4 – Eat when you want to smoke

    When you stop smoking, you should keep a sugar-free bullet, a glass of water or tea, pieces of ginger or guava juice, to chew or drink whenever you feel like smoking, helping to reduce the sensation Of hunger.

    In addition, it is important to avoid foods high in fat and sugar at this time, because the risk of gaining weight is greater, and it is important to practice physical activity during this period.

    Tip 5 – Doing enjoyable activities

    When the urge to smoke comes, it is important for the smoker to be distracted by doing activities that give him pleasure and replace the feeling of loss, for example, going outdoors, going to the beach or garden.

    In addition, you should do an activity that takes up time and hands daily, such as crocheting, gardening, painting or exercising, are great options.

    Tip 6 – Involve the family

    To quit smoking, the process is easier and less costly when family and close friends are involved in the process and help, respecting the characteristic symptoms of withdrawal, such as irritability, anxiety, depression, restlessness, physical malaise, Head and sleep disorders, for example.

    In addition to these tips, there are other options that can help quit smoking, such as green tea cigarette or some remedies with varenicline and bupropion, which help the body to adapt and detoxify from cigarette addiction.

    In order to assess the degree of cigarette addiction, the Fagerstrom test can be performed.

    Question / Options

    1. How long after waking does the first cigarette smoke?

    A) up to 5 min – 3 points

    B) 6 to 30 min – 2 points

    C) 31 to 60 min -1 point

    D) + 60 min: 0 points

    2. Do you find it difficult not to smoke in forbidden places (such as church, movie theater)?

    A) Yes – 1 point

    B) No – 0 points

    3. Which cigarette satisfies you the most? A) 1st in the morning – 1 point

    B) other – 0 points

    4. How many cigarettes do you smoke per day?

    A) up to 10 cig – 0 points

    B) 11 to 20 cig- 1 point

    C) 21-30 cig – 2 points

    D) + 30 cig – 3 points

    5. Do you smoke more often in the morning?

    A) Yes – 1 point

    B) No – 0 points

    6. Do you smoke even when you are in bed?

    A) Yes – 1 point

    B) No – 0 points

    After answering the questionnaire, one must add the points of all the questions and analyze the result, being that:

    • 0 to 2 points – very low dependency
    • 3 to 4 points – low dependence
    • 5 points – average dependence
    • 6 to 7 points – high dependence
    • 8 to 10 points – very high dependence

    Usually, the higher the degree of dependence the greater the difficulty of smoking, the more important is the determination to stop smoking.

    In some cases, medical follow-up may be required to start using medications, such as tablets or nicotine patch, to help stop smoking.

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