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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

How To Quit Smoking

One the greatest health challenges associated with lifestyle is smoking cigarettes. Despite its hazards which all the smokers are aware of, it still continues to be an attractive pastime and eventually a habit which easily becomes addictive. Smoking cigarettes is the main source of lung cancer; it has a great role in the rise of breast cancer, add this to the multiple other health and social hazards it poses to an individual. Therefore, it becomes understandable why there are many efforts to help those addicted quit smoking. However, it is also well proven that to quit smoking is not a walk in the park and out of ten addicted smokers, only two to three can stop smoking without medical help.

The need to end this scourge has seen the introduction of many ways to stop cigarettes addiction. However, many have failed. From rehabilitation centers, use of nicotine patches and gum has been a tale of little progress made. Many of the ways to quit smoking are also basic and do not address the cigarette smoker's need to have something as real as what he or she is used to having, only this time with no such hazards. The government has also chipped in with plenty of legislation on smoking cigarettes. This has been largely unsuccessful as the bans on cigarette advertisements and the huge sin taxes imposed world over on cigarettes have done little to stop the problem.

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Other efforts like nicotine patches actually increase the addiction as one is exposed to the same substance only in small amounts thus not helping in ending then problem. However, there is an alternative that has been found to be effective in the fight against cigarette addiction. E- Cigarettes could just be what every addict needs to quit smoking. In order to quit smoking, one has to address the need of the smoker to have an alternative to real cigarettes without the same dangerous effects. This is what E-Cigarettes offer. This is more than the numerous attempts of psychological counseling, meditation, exercise, hypnotherapy and other numerous attempts to address the smoking problem. However, it will be effective in the fight against smoking cigarettes.

E-Cigarettes are basically designed to simulate the smoking act. They provide the same appearance, physical sensation and even flavor. All these are accomplished without the threats normal cigarettes pose to human health. There are no bacteria to cause the numerous health complications associated with cigarettes which account for half a million deaths annually all over the world. E-Cigarettes also come without smokes which usually make smokers detested in public places. However, given that they are an example of vapor cigarettes, they emit artificial vapor of nicotine without the harmful chemicals usually found in cigarettes.

The other advantage which makes them more real compared to nicotine patches is the speed at which one gets stimulated. With electronic cigarettes, the stimulation is in seconds not minutes as is the case of the nicotine patches. The electric cigarette is also an affordable option even to the real cigarettes thus it makes economic sense. For anyone looking forward to quit smoking this is a blessing.

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