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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

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How Does An Ecigarette Work

The demand for cigarettes has increased drastically over the past few years. Tobacco companies are minting money at the expense of their customers health and safety. This has led to many debates between these companies and anti-tobacco groups as they quarrel over the usefulness of the product. In 2007, the United States adopted a product that was popularly sold in China as a D-grade item. US companies converted this products into what is today known all around the world as the e cigarette. E-cigarettes or e-cigs are the new sensational product for smokers around the world. Basically, an electronic cigarette simulates the smoking experience of a regular cigarette without the need for a lighter or without creating any ash. The question is – how does it work?

Parts of an e-cig

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An electronic cigarette is made up of three components – a cartridge, a vaporization chamber and a rechargeable lithium battery. The battery powers the electronic cigarette and it can be charged using a USB connection which is commonly used for mobile phones. This battery is connected to a vaporization chamber, which is a hollow tube containing an atomizer and other electronic controls. The atomizer is the component which creates the vapor in the e-cigarette. Before taking a 'puff' the user of the electronic cigarette must connect the nicotine liquid cartridge to the chamber in order to activate the device. The end of the cartridge serves as the mouthpiece for the e-cigarette. There are many types of electronic cigarettes which can be customized for the user's needs. There are also various cartridges which are blu cigs compatible, v2 cigs compatible and Cig20 compatible which can be used.

How to use an e-cigarette

After assembling the pieces together, the user will have to inhale the electronic cigarette in the same manner as he/she would with a normal cigarette. When the user breathes in, it activates the atomizer which, in turn, heats the nicotine liquid in the cartridge and converts it into vapor. The vapor is transferred through the mouthpiece and sends the nicotine into the lungs. When the user exhales, the vapor that comes out replicates the smoke that comes from a regular cigarette.

Health and safety concerns

The only thing that is stopping the FDA from approving this product as a regulated one is the lack of research into its quality and safety. The main problem that health experts have with an electronic cigarette is that the manufacturers do not always disclose the ingredients they use in their product. This makes it almost impossible for the user to know what he/she is consuming.

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